Informational Resources

    Standards: The Corporate Edge Handbook for the Busy Executive

    Standards: The Corporate Edge conveys the value of standards in today's corporation. Excellent background for students, the Corporate Edge gives an insider's view of what standards are, how they work, and why they are important to any enterprise.

    Tutorial Overview on ASTM International

    Click on the links for an easy-to-view, 10 minute voice-over Power Point presentation on ASTM International. Equipped with visuals, narration, and notes, this presentation provides a complete orientation to standards at ASTM International. Available in English and Spanish.

    The Handbook of Standardization
    This guide to understanding today’s global standards development system provides an overview of how the complex world of standards works. For the novice as well as the experienced professional, this compact overview explains how standards are developed and used in the United States and around the globe. Available in Spanish and English.

    ASTM Books and Journals
    Search and find out what ASTM books and journals are offered such as the Journal of ASTM International (JAI).

    ASTM International Symposia
    Original research, informative discussion, and exchange of data characterize the 20-plus symposia that are held annually on a wide variety of technical subjects. Symposia are sponsored by ASTM technical committees and are often held in cooperation with government agencies and national or international professional organizations.