Standards on Campus

    With Standards on Campus instructors can create a package of up to 10 ASTM standards of your choice by following the instructions below. After creating the package, you can make it available to your students for just $10 per student.

    Here's how it works:

    • You begin by clicking CREATE PACKAGE below. Registration of the "10 Standards for Students Package" is FREE.
    • You will see a registration page where you can register your course and select up to 10 ASTM standards for your personalized course package.
    • Upon successful registration, you will go through ASTM's regular web store checkout process.
    • After you submit your FREE order, you will receive an email confirmation with a course code as well as instructions that you can forward to your students explaining how they can order the course package for $10 per student, using the course code provided.
    • Instructions for students will include a special URL that the students will use to purchase.
    • From the URL, students submit a FREE Student Membership registration (Student Membership is required), enter the course code you provided and be able to purchase the course package through the ASTM Web Store for $10 (credit card required).
    • After students purchase, they will receive an email confirmation with details on how to access and download the standards in the course package.

    Note: ASTM maintains 12,000 standards. Please know the standards you want by their designation (e.g. A53, D4000) before you register.

    Note: If you are a student and need to purchase a course package, please consult the instructions provided by your professor.

    10 ASTM Standards for Students Package CREATE PACKAGE