STP Published: 1988

Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Third Volume

Editor(s): D W Schroll

Third in a series that addresses the design and operation of oxygen systems. The goal of the series is to build a reference for both the skilled and the uninitiated in the concepts and practices for the design and maintenance of all types of oxygen systems. Papers cover 5 areas: ignition of metals; nonmetal ignition; material selection for oxygen-enriched environments; studies in high-pressure oxygen; and safety and survival.

Table of Contents

DW Schroll

C McKinley

JO Cronk

JM Stoltzfus, JM Homa, RE Williams, FJ Benz

MA Benning, JS Zabrenski, NB Le

RE Williams, FJ Benz, K McIlroy

K McIlroy, R Zawierucha, RF Drnevich

L Schoenman, J Stoltzfus, J Kazaroff

K McIlroy, R Zawierucha, RF Drnevich, P Knecht

JW Bransford, PA Billiard, JA Hurley, KM McDermott, IV Vazquez

J Sato, T Hirano

S-H Zhu, JM Stoltzfus, FJ Benz, WW Yuen

WW Yuen, D Greer, G Lin, C Bryan

I Swindells, PF Nolan, RK Wharton

GE Moffett, MD Pedley, N Schmidt, RE Williams, D Hirsch, FJ Benz

JL Currie, RS Irani, J Sanders

BL Werley

CJ Bryan, MG Olsen

W Wegener, C Binder, P Hengstenberg, K-P Herrmann, D Weinert

RK Wharton

H Barthelemy, G Vagnard

MD Pedley, J-H Pao, L Bamford, RE Williams, B Plante

DWG Dicker, RK Wharton

R Zawierucha, RF Drnevich, K McIlroy, TR Schulte

RS Irani, JL Currie, NJ Wilson, J Sanders

FJ Gusky

JM Dieguez, L Bothorel, A de Lorenzo, A Faupin

DM Zallen, ET Morehouse

C Binder, W Wegener, P Hengstenberg, G Wartenberg

GL Wolf, JI Simpson

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DOI: 10.1520/STP986-EB
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