STP Published: 1984

Semiconductor Processing

Editor(s): D C Gupta

This volume addresses the problems in semiconductor technology that arise from rapid increase in device complexity and performance, the emergence of integrated systems-on-a-chip, automated factories, and silicon foundries. The book's theme is that the realization of acceptable yields and reliability will require greater manufacturing discipline from starting materials to finished devices. 51 papers cover crystal growth and epitaxial depositing, control of contaminants, material characterization defects, interconnection technology, ion implantation, and special processing techniques.

Table of Contents

DC Gupta

W Murray Bullis

JD Plummer

H-R Chang

JO Borland, M Kuo, J Shibley, B Roberts, R Schindler, T Dalrymple

DJ Bazley

WR Fahrner, D Bräunig, M Knoll, JR Laschinski

M Sasaki, K Sakamoto

J Barkanic, A Hoff, J Stach, B Golja

HL Berkowitz, CF Cook, JH Kwiatkowski, WM Goodreau

L Denes

AC Rapa

A Lieberman

PW Gaudet

JO Borland

JR Monkowski, D Heck, TA Baginski, D Kenney, RE Tressler

RB Swaroop

H Suga, Y Shimanuki, K Murai, K Endo

M Domenici, G Ferrero, P Malinverni

ASM Salih, HJ Kim, RF Davis, GA Rozgonyi

Y-S Shin, C-K Kim

LD Dyer

KH Yang

LW Shive, BK Schulte

K Krishnan, D Kuehl

SP Weeks

A Baghdadi

K Krishnan

H-D Chiou

RG Mazur

M Pawlik

JR Ehrstein, RG Downing, BR Stallard, DS Simons, RF Fleming

HK Charles, GV Clatterbaugh, JA Weiner

DF Hebert

WL Loofbourrow

S-P Hannula, J Wanagel, C-Y Li

JF Marshall, RP Sheppard

FA Lindberg

H Herzer

Wv Ammon, J Kemmer

H Hamanaka, K Kuriyama, M Yahagi, K Iwamura, C Kim, F Shiraishi, K Tsuji, S Minomura

YC Du, YF Zhang, XT Meng

AT Hunter, MH Young, HV Winston, OJ Marsh, RR Hart

M Yahagi, M Satoh, K Kuriyama, K Iwamura, C Kim, F Shiraishi

J Baxter, NW Crick

K Andresen, K Heydorn, E Nonbøl

JS Herring, RE Korenke

MJ Schell

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