SYMPOSIA PAPER Published: 01 January 1988

“The Wordtree”: An Add-On, Binomial Brancher of Process Words


Niels Bohr's complementarity principle requires that we measure radiation either as particle (= matter) or wave (= process), but not both as simultaneously. We must now broaden Bohr's discovery to the words that describe phenomena.

Most terminological words are structural. We report a missing link, “The Wordtree®.” It is a new kind of concept-pinpointer (ISBN 0-936312-00-9) that groups all words by their effect on the environment—by procedure (= transitive verb). It behavioristically, not mentalistically, divides each binarily into its subprocesses, such as TO JOCKEY = TO RIDE AND TO MANEUVER. The Hierarchy half of the book arranges the 24,600 transitives from simple to complex. The Index half alphabetizes them. Thus the user can trace any process back, phase by phase, toward its components (its causes) or forward toward its potential effects. There are a quarter million words, including all parts of speech. Thereby the reader can pinpoint any idea and then skip-branch (instead of plodding) to its causes or effects. It includes 90,000 words of instruction and theory.

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Burger, HG
The Wordtree (dictionary), Overland Park, Kansas
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Pages: 34–44
DOI: 10.1520/STP29548S
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