SYMPOSIA PAPER Published: 01 April 2024

Adjuvants for Bacillus spp. Biofungicides


Biopesticides continue to lead new product development for agricultural companies. Regulatory and consumer preferences for organically grown produce favor the use of these products as a solution to reduced exposure to synthetic chemicals. Their natural origins allow for faster regulatory approvals for companies intending to launch commercially. A problem remains that microbial biopesticides underperform synthetic pesticides in many treatment applications. There are environmental factors, organism limitations, and formulation constraints that can be causes of the reduced performance of biopesticides. During this research, protocols were developed to screen (180 CFR 40) exempt surface-active agents and identify which agents could be tank-mixed with commercial biopesticide products to enhance their performance. Surface-active agents, which had shown enhanced growth of the respective Bacillus sp., were blended to form adjuvant mixtures. These mixtures were field-tested and found to enhance the activity of fungicidal products based on two Bacillus strains. This paper presents the results of component screening as well as field-trial results for B. amyloliquefaciens (strain MBI 600) and B. subtilis (strain QST 713) applications on fruit and vegetable crops. Over a period of 3 years, tank mixes of Serifel® biofungicide (a formulation of strain MBI 600) or Serenade® OPTI biofungicide (a formulation of strain QST 713) with several adjuvant blends demonstrated increased control of 11 pathogens on nine crops included on the biofungicide product label.

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Anderson, Timothy, H.
Care Chemicals, BASF Corporation, Cincinnati, OH, US
Oester, Dean, A.
Care Chemicals, BASF Corporation, Cincinnati, OH, US
Chiromo, Andrew, P.
Care Chemicals, BASF Corporation, Cincinnati, OH, US
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