STP Published: 2022

Progress in Additive Manufacturing 2021

Editor(s): Nima Shamsaei, Nik Hrabe, Mohsen Seifi

As additive manufacturing technologies find broader adoption across different industry sectors, there is a need to establish relationships across various elements in the entire process value chain to meet qualification and certification requirements, specifically in safety-critical applications. There are 17 papers in this STP collection from the 6th International Conference on Additive Manufacturing (ICAM 2021) that provide an opportunity to delve more deeply into the wide variety of topics covered during the conference, such as design-related subject for additive manufacturing, the monitoring of additively manufactured parts, additive manufacturing materials, Industry 4.0, and potential applications of additive manufacturing in industries such as space and maritime.

Table of Contents

Sunil Bhandari, Roberto A. Lopez-Anido, Felipe Saavedra Rojas, Alan LeBihan

Lukas Bauch, Fabian Winklbauer, Tobias Stittgen, Andreas Collet, Johannes Heinrich Schleifenbaum

Zhaohui Geng, Bopaya Bidanda

Zoé Jardon, Julien Ertveldt, Michaël Hinderdael, Patrick Guillaume

Charles Snyers, Julien Ertveldt, Jorge Sanchez-Medina, Zoé Jardon, Jan Helsen

Jorge Sanchez-Medina, Galid Arroud, Julien Ertveldt, Patrick Guillaume

Felix Gabriel Fischer, Niklas Birk, Tim Gerrit Lücke, Niklas Praetzsch

Jérémie Farret, Niloofar Baghdadi, Shahrzad Amin Ranjbar

James F. Horton, Stephen A. Yows, Mela H. Fung, Alan Fung, Ryan P. O'Hara, Zach Murphree, Gene Miller

Chelsea Snyder, Steven Attanasio, Tressa White, Dane Buller, Thomas Jones, Robert Morris, John Sutliff, Jack Adams, Iain Todd

Jyi Sheuan Jason Ten, Zhong Hong Liu, Hang Li Seet, Mui Ling Sharon Nai

Moritz Kolter, Andreas Collet, Johannes Henrich Schleifenbaum

Joshua Lubell

Mark Yampolskiy, Paul Bates, Mohsen Seifi, Nima Shamsaei

Misael Pimentel Espirindio e Silva, Himanshu Lalvani, Andreas Reimer, Stephen Fitzpatrick

Andres I. Campbell, Helen C. Carson, Miriam De Soto, Michael R. Fiske, Luke E. Martin, Vincent R. T. Murai, Fernanda S. Ramirez, Ethan M. Romo, Kayla E. Schang, Kaveon C. Smith

Dongchun Qiao, Sebastian Seah, Tarun Chand, Robert F. Noyer, Bo Wang, Marcus Cridland

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