STP Published: 2022

Evaluation of Existing and New Sensor Technologies for Fatigue, Fracture, and Mechanical Testing

Editor(s): Jidong Kang, Peter C. McKeighan, Gary Dahlberg, Robert Kemmerer

This STP is the fifth in a series focused on developments in sensor technologies used during fatigue, fracture and mechanical testing applications.

This current STP and the symposium from which it originated highlights the current state of ongoing research in sensor-related issues for fatigue, fracture, and mechanical testing. The continued development and application of digital image correlation methods is certainly an active area that continues to evolve as technology develops and unique applications are confronted. A challenge remains in the development of technical standards for the new and diverse measurement methods as they become more widely used and, in some cases, commercialized.

Table of Contents

Erik A. Schwarzkopf

Jidong Kang, Timothy Robotham, Jie Liang

Akshat Agha, Fadi Abu-Farha

Moisei Bruhis, Amir Partovi

Yanhong Chen, Huifang Liu, Kai Liu, Maria Lißner, Ziwen Xu, Daniel Pashley, Matthew Palfrey, Nik Petrinic

David Backman, Linxi Li, Jong Hyun Sa, Stephane Brunet, Robert Rutledge, Saksham Jain

Karl Michael Kraemer, Lorenz Woellmann, Christian Kontermann, Matthias Oechsner

Zachary D. Harris, James T. Burns

Karl Michael Kraemer, Timo Brune, Falk Mueller, Christian Kontermann, Matthias Oechsner

Raghu V. Prakash, Chandan K. Mukhopadhyay, Anirudh R. Prakash, Manuel Thomas, Prathmesh Pokharkar

Hong Lin, Zhe Zhang, Gang Chen, Xu Chen

Shaowu Feng, Xiaoran Wei, Shouwen Shi, Gang Chen, Xu Chen, Kai Song, Qiang Lin

Sarah Malik, Emine Tekerek, Abrar K. Zawad, Antonios Kontsos

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Pages: 261
DOI: 10.1520/STP1638-EB