STP Published: 2022

Progress in Additive Manufacturing 2020

Editor(s): Nima Shamsaei, Mohsen Seifi

This informative book features 29 peer-reviewed papers that were presented at the ASTM International Conference on Additive Manufacturing (ICAM 2020). A must-attend event for the AM industry, ICAM 2020 received over 325 abstracts, and included 150+ invited talks, 10 panel discussions, and close to 600 attendees representing industry, academia, and government from more than 30 countries.

You’ll find detailed research from global AM experts, with a significant emphasis on nondestructive evaluation in-situ monitoring and process control of additively manufactured parts. Other key topics include:

– recent advances in standardization, qualification, and certification
– safety-critical applications
– the effects of design, process, and post-process parameters on fatigue and fracture properties
– optimization to improve the structural integrity of additively manufactured parts

Table of Contents

Steven Hall, Aneta Chrostek‐Mroz, Jason Dawes

Davide Verdi, Shanshan Yang, Norman Soh, Grace Tay, Alin Patran

Cindy Charbonneau, Fabrice Bernier, Roger Pelletier, Louis-Philippe Lefebvre

Aurélien Neveu, Filip Francqui, Geoffroy Lumay

Zoé Jardon, Julien Ertveldt, Patrick Guillaume

Xuan Zhang, Ngoc-Vu Nguyen, Tuan Tran

Joseph Reid Carazzone

Marco Grasso, Federica Garghetti, Luca Pagani, Bianca Maria Colosimo

Sebastian Dirks, Andreas Collet, Johannes H. Schleifenbaum

Sarah Synnestvedt, Katherine Harry, Karthik Bodla, Etienne Pelletier, Arslane Bouchemit, Amir Nobari

Bàrbara Adrover-Monserrat, Jordi Llumà, Ramón Jerez-Mesa, J. Antonio Travieso-Rodriguez

Alexey Dubov, Sam Ruben, Vasily Korshikov, Anna Ivanova, Egor Yakovlev

Brian D. Mullen, Jerry A. Pickering

Tianyu Jiang, Mengying Leng, Xu Chen

Anton du Plessis, Muofhe Tshibalanganda, Ina Yadroitsava, Igor Yadroitsev

Catalin Mandache, Patrick Gibson, Justin Denne, Ali Merati

Michele Dallago, Filippo Zanini, Simone Carmignato, Gianluca Zappini, Valerio Luchin, Matteo Benedetti

Anne-Françoise Obaton, Alex Van den Bossche, Olivier Burnet, Bryan Butsch, Imane Zouggarh, Florent Soulard, Ward Johnson

Mozart Queiroz Neto, Catherine Yuh, Richard van Arkel, Deborah J. Hall, Alejandro A. Espinoza Orías, Robin Pourzal

Rakish Shrestha, P. D. Nezhadfar, Jutima Simsiriwong, Nima Shamsaei

Andreas Fischer, Malte Vollmer, Philipp Krooß, Thomas Niendorf

Martin Hankele, Martin Werz, Stefan Weihe

Richard G. Cole, Kazem Fayazbakhsh, Abraham Avalos, Nicholas A. Nadeau

Oliver Jones, Adam Holloway, Joe Young, Alex Morrison, Katy Milne, M. Mostafizur Rahman, Nathanael Turner

Cindy Ashforth, Larry Ilcewicz

Philip Sperling, Patrick Fuchs, René Philipp Austermuehl

Alexey Dubov, Sam Ruben

Hamed Hosseinzadeh

Feifei Yang, Xu Chen

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