STP Published: 2022

Standard Guides and Practices that Support the Lubricant Condition Monitoring Industry

Editor(s): Mindy Villalba, Lisa Williams

In the last ten years, there have been many industrial advances that significantly impacted the lubricant condition monitoring industry in areas such as instrumentation, lubricant formulation, data analytics & delivery, software, and asset management. End-users have many different sources to obtain high quality test data to support their lubricant condition monitoring programs. The most important concepts that must be followed lie in the proper measurement and analysis of the data to make critical and effective maintenance decisions. These advancements in lubricant condition monitoring are managed by ASTM International D02 Subcommittees CS96 and C. The papers in this STP contain the presentations delivered at the ASTM International D02 Subcommittee CS96 and C cosponsored symposium “Standard Guides and Practices that Support the Lubricant Condition Monitoring Industry” that was held on June 26–27, 2022 in Seattle, Washington, USA. This STP includes a variety of innovative topics designed to take the end-user through the entire process of lubricant analysis, from sampling best practices to the most in-depth analysis techniques available to date with one goal in mind: help the end-user run the right test and implement the data accordingly. Each one of these papers helps the end-user get closer to the ultimate goal of lubrication excellence within their facility.

Table of Contents

Victoria Bunchek, Raymond J. Dalley, Bernie Hall, George Staniewski, Richard Wurzbach

Bryan Johnson, George Staniewski, Allison M. Toms

J. Bennett Fitch, Jim C. Fitch

Raj Shah, David Wooton, Nabill Huq

Lisa Williams, Randi Price

Stuart Lunt

Kurtis Hartlen

Frederick J. Passman

Oleg Sosnovski, Marianna Vieira, Pooja Suresh, Matthew G. Hobbs

Bryan Johnson, John Bucci, Eugen Engel, William VanBergen, Greg Miiller

Andrés Lantos, John Bucci, Agustín Ávalos, William VanBergen, Gabriel Lucchiari, Esteban Lantos, Dave Wooton

Matthew G. Hobbs, Peter Dufresne Jr.

K. Cory Schomburg, David Wooton

Richard J. Janosky, Troy E. Smith

Troy E. Smith, Richard J. Janosky

Nathan M. Rohrbaugh, Dylan M. Kletzing

Noh A. Park, Daniel A. O'Lear, Kay Lee Kim

F. R. van de Voort, Michael Viset

K. Cory Schomburg, David Wooton

Kubale Shamabanse, Bryan Johnson

Tod Canty, Paul J. O'Brien

M. Woydt, A. Schneider, F. Novotny-Farkas

Raj Shah, Vincent Colantuoni, Nabill Huq

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