STP Published: 2012

Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: 13th Volume

Editor(s): S.E. Davis, T.A. Steinberg

Seventeen peer-reviewed papers cover the latest research on the ignition and combustion of metals and non-metals, oxygen compatibility of components and systems, analysis of ignition and combustion, failure analysis and safety. It includes aerospace, military, scuba diving, and industrial oxygen applications.

Topics cover:
• Development of safe oxygen systems
• Ignition mechanisms within oxygen systems and how to avoid them
• Specific hazards that exist with the oxygen mixture breathed by divers in the scuba industry
• Issues related to oxygen system level safety
• Issues related to oxygen safety in breathing systems
• Detailed investigations and discussions related to the burn curves that have been generated for metals that are burning in a standard test fixture

This new publication is a valuable resource for professionals in the air separation industries, oxygen manufacturers, manufacturers of materials intended for oxygen service, and users of oxygen and oxygen-enriched atmospheres, including aerospace, medical, industrial gases, chemical processing, steel and metals refining, as well as to military, commercial or recreational diving.

Table of Contents

Samuel Edgar Davis

H. W. Mulkey, D. M. Lineberry

Christina Y. Piña Arpin, Joel Stoltzfus

Joel M. Stoltzfus, Timothy D. Gallus, Kyle Sparks

Matthias Meilinger

T. Tillack, C. Binder, T. Brock, N. Treisch, P. Dielforder

Frédéric Crayssac, Jean Christophe Rostaing, Etienne Werlen, Lianming Sun, Patrick Houghton, William Kleinberg, Frédéric Coste

Vladimir V. Leschevich, Oleg G. Penyazkov, Jean-Christophe Rostaing

Walter Ciscato, Christian Binder, Olaf Hesse, Siegfried Lehné, Thomas Tillack

T. Tillack, C. Binder, O. Hesse, S. Lehné, W. Ciscato

Joel M. Stoltzfus, Nathan Jeffers, Timothy D. Gallus

Martina Ridlova, Jean-Christophe Rostaing, Alain Colson, Olivier Longuet

Chris Dobinson, Peter Nelson, Ted Steinberg

Owen Plagens, David Lynn, Martin Castillo, Todd Paulos, Theodore Steinberg

Bradley S. Forsyth, Gwenael J. A. Chiffoleau, Greg A. Odom, Barry E. Newton

Gwenael J. Chiffoleau, Barry E. Newton, Bradley S. Forsyth, Elliot T. Forsyth

Elliot T. Forsyth, Nicholas Linley, Gwenael J. A. Chiffoleau, Jared Hooser, Barry E. Newton

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