STP Published: 2012

Performance of Protective Clothing and Equipment: Emerging Issues and Technologies

Editor(s): A.M. Shepherd

Twenty-two peer-reviewed papers cover the latest information on the performance of protective clothing for government and industrial workers, first responders, and civilians.

Topics cover:
• Evaluation of Fire-resistant Clothing Using an Instrumented Mannequin
• Assessing User Needs and Perceptions of Firefighter PPE
• Interlaboratory Study of ASTM F2731, Measuring the Transmitted and Stored Energy of Firefighter Protective Clothing Systems
• NDT Methods to Assess the Level of Damage to Firefighters’ Protective Clothing
• Protective Clothing for Pesticide Operators
• Puncture Resistance of Protective Gloves to Needles

Table of Contents

Daniel R. Doan, Elihu “Hugh” Hoagland, Thomas E. Neal

M. Y. Ackerman, E. M. Crown, J. D. Dale, S. Paskaluk

Kevin Ross, Roger Barker, A. Shawn Deaton

ShuQin Wen, Guowen Song, Scott Duncan

Kristen L. Hultzapple, Stephen S. Hirsch, John Venafro, Stephen Frumkin, Janet Brady, Carole Winterhalter, Scena Proodian

John D. Pierce, Stephen S. Hirsch, Sara Beth Kane, John A. Venafro, Carole A. Winterhalter

Carole Winterhalter, Quoc Truong, Thomas Endrusick, Armand Cardello, Larry Lesher

Jessica Barker, Lynn M. Boorady, Shu-Hwa Lin, Young-A Lee, Beth Esponnette, Susan P. Ashdown

Alexander Hummel, Roger Barker, Kevin Lyons, A. Shawn Deaton, John Morton-Aslanis

L. Deuser, R. Barker, A. S. Deaton, A. Shepherd

Moein Rezazadeh, David A. Torvi

Douglas L. MacTaggart, Sherry O. Farwell, Zhongtao Cai, Pauline Smith

R. Bryan Ormond, Roger Barker, Keith Beck, Donald Thompson, Shawn Deaton

S. Kay Obendorf, Ellan F. Spero

Anugrah Shaw

Sihong Yu, Megan Strickfaden, Elizabeth Crown, Sara Olsen

M. Y. Ackerman, E. M. Crown, J. D. Dale, G. Murtaza, J. Batcheller, J. A. Gonzalez

S. H. Jalbani, M. Y. Ackerman, E. M. Crown, M. van Keulen, G. Song

Chantal Gauvin, Olivier Darveau, Charlotte Robin, Jaime Lara

Patricia I. Dolez, Mariem Azaiez, Toan Vu-Khanh

Kevin Ross, Roger Barker, Jessica Watkins, A. Shawn Deaton

Chantal Gauvin, Alexandre Airoldi, Simon Proulx-Croteau, Patricia I. Dolez, Jaime Lara

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Pages: 435
DOI: 10.1520/STP1544-EB
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