STP Published: 2011

Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics: 37th Volume

Editor(s): Sreeramesh Kalluri, Michael A. McGaw, Andrzej Neimitz

Thirty-nine peer-reviewed papers provide the latest research on fatigue and fracture mechanics. Topics cover:
• Advanced Master Curve approaches to the EURO fracture toughness data set
• Analysis of fracture mechanisms of ferritic steels at low temperatures
• Weibull stress model to predict effects of weld strength mismatch on cleavage fracture toughness
• Non local multiaxial fatigue approach to account for stress gradient effect on fatigue strength
• Effects of microstructure on incipient fatigue and fretting crack processes in Al-Cu-Li alloys
• Importance of residual stresses and surface roughness regarding fatigue of titanium forgings
• Fatigue crack growth simulation in components with random defects
• Fatigue initiation modeling of 316LN steel based on non local plasticity theory
• Temperature calibration techniques for TMF testing
• Residual strain effects on bridging stress of cracked and delaminated fiber metal laminates
• Assessment of cumulative axial and torsional fatigue in a cobalt-base superalloy
• And much more!

Table of Contents

John R. Hall

Karl-Heinz Schwalbe

Peter S. Walker, Hani Haider

Enrico Lucon, Ann Leenaers, Willy Vandermeulen, Marc Scibetta

Joshua Sykes, Christine Snearly, Rodney Benner, Matthew Bernard, William M. Mihalko

Xian-Kui Zhu, James A. Joyce

Frederick F. Buechel, Frederick F. Buechel, Thomas E. Helbig, Michael J. Pappas

Enrico Lucon, Marc Scibetta

Amar S. Ranawat, Morteza Meftah, Sebastian Rodriguez-Elizalde, Chitranjan S. Ranawat

Xian-Kui Zhu, Brian N. Leis

Joseph T. Moskal, Stephen R. Ridgeway, Vincent J. Williams

A. Neimitz, J. Galkiewicz

Claudio Ruggieri

Norman J. Alvares, Harry K. Hasegawa

Julien Schwartz, Olivier Fandeur, Colette Rey

Jeremy E. Schaffer

Ned Keltner

Cecilia S. Lam, Elizabeth J. Weckman

Aleksandra M. Vinogradov, Curtis M. Ihlefeld, Isaac Henslee

Jessica Delacroix, Jean-Yves Buffiere, Siegfried Fouvry, Armelle Danielou

Gregory Dvorak, Marcellin Zahui, Bryce Mitton

M. Carboni, L. Patriarca, D. Regazzi

J. C. Newman, Y. Yamada, J. A. Newman

C. Oberwinkler, H. Leitner, W. Eichlseder

Y. Pardhi, C. Dungey, G. Baxter, P. Bowen, T. P. Halford

D. Angeles Herrera, J. L. González Velázquez, A. de J. Morales Ramírez

Sreeramesh Kalluri, Peter J. Bonacuse

R. Amargier, S. Fouvry, C. Poupon, L. Chambon

B. Oberwinkler, M. Riedler, W. Eichlseder

Hans-Jakob Schindler, Christian Leinenbach

John T. Wang, Stephen W. Smith

Mohit Pant, I. V. Singh, B. K. Mishra, Vivek Bhasin, Kamal Sharma, I. A. Khan

David C. Dudzinski, Wieslaw Beres, Raymond K. Kersey

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DOI: 10.1520/STP1526-EB
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