STP Published: 2010

Durability of Building and Construction Sealants and Adhesives: 3rd Volume

Editor(s): Andreas T. Wolf

Twenty-one peer-reviewed papers provide the latest scientific research, gained from laboratory research and field work, in the building and construction industry for all aspects of sealant and adhesive durability.

Topics cover:
Laboratory Testing and Specialized Outdoor Exposure Testing — a report on a correlation between environmental and accelerated RILEM TC 139-dbs weathering for one-component polyurethane sealants applied on mortar; a new approach to joint sealing systems for pavement; and much more.
Factors Influencing the Durability of Sealed Joints and Adhesive Fixations — substrate durability guidelines used in silicone structural attachment; adhesion development of organic and silicone sealants on wet and dry concrete; cleaning silicone residue from glass; resistance of adhesive bonding of ultra-high performance concrete to hygrothermal, corrosive, and freeze-thaw cycling environments.
Development of New Test Methods and Performance-Based Specifications — discussion on the increased use of windows designed to mitigate the impact of bomb blasts; quantification of effect of enforced cyclic movement and regional exposure factors on weatherability of construction sealants; and much more.
Field Experience with Sealed Joints and Adhesive Fixation — comparison of the outdoor weathering behavior of a laboratory prepared high performance acrylic sealant to that of a commonly used, commercially available two-part polyurethane sealant.

Table of Contents

Enrico Pozzi, Valerio Carcano, Antonio Ausilio

Christoph Recknagel, Stephan Pirskawetz

Errol D. Bull, Gary M. Lucas

Jerome M. Klosowski, Patrick D. Gorman

Jerome M. Klosowski, Patrick D. Gorman

Andreas T. Wolf

Bernhard Weller, Silke Tasche

D. Longo, P. Vandereecken

Yoshiki Nakagawa, Sadao Yukimoto

Lawrence D. Carbary

Frederic Gubbels, Clementine Calvet

Jerome M. Klosowski, Edward S. Breeze, David H. Nicastro

R. Krelaus, G. Wisner, S. Freisinger-Schadow, M. Schmidt, S. Böhm, K. Dilger

Anneliese Hagl

Kenneth Yarosh, Andreas T. Wolf, Sigurd Sitte

Noriyoshi Enomoto, Akihiko Ito, Kyoji Tanaka

Glenn V. Gordon, Loren D. Lower, Lawrence D. Carbary

Christopher C. White, Donald Hunston, Kar Tean Tan

J. Deng, J. E. Tanner, C. W. Dolan, D. Mukai

Michael A. Lacasse, Hiroyuki Miyauchi, J. Hiemstra

V. Demarest, A. Liss, R. Queenan, P. Gorman

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