STP Published: 2003

Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: 10th Volume

Editor(s): Theodore A. Steinberg, Barry E. Newton, Harold D. Beeson

The tenth volume in this ongoing series provides 28 peer-reviewed papers written by experts in their field. This unique publication gives you the latest information available on flammability and sensitivity of materials in oxygen-enriched atmospheres, including oxygen compatibility and risk management concepts and practices. Topics include:

Ignition and Combustion of Nonmetals covers resistance of polymers to ignition by pneumatic impact; assessment of nonmetallic materials that are used in oxygen systems with a focus on toxicity; statistical evaluation of upward flammability testing (NASA STD 6001 Test 1 ) and ignition of materials exposed to liquid oxygen by mechanical impact.

Ignition and Combustion of Metals presents work evaluating metallic filters for use in oxygen systems; a unique ultrasonic system used to measure the melting rate of the metal rods while burning in oxygen in both normal gravity and reduced gravity; stainless steel promoted ignition tests under flowing conditions; a model for the ignition of rods and tubes in flowing oxygen; microanalysis of aluminum rods that were burned in oxygen and either quenched or self-extinguished; and several ignition-combustion test programs.

Failure/Hazard Analysis and Safety focuses on the documentation of failures and their causes; and techniques being used and developed to analyze systems or components operating in oxygen-enriched atmospheres to ensure system functionality and personnel safety. Papers cover a new technique for analyzing large systems based on prioritizing system components based on operating conditions; an analysis of the space shuttle external tank pressurization system; a failure analysis of fires that have been occurring in oxygen production process valves; a review of some incidents in oxygen systems that have occurred in Australia over a 30-year period; cause and origin analyses of fires; and an electronic database being used by NASA White Sands Test Facility to perform and archive oxygen system/component hazards analyses.

The final section discusses a diverse range of topics, including a parametric model examining nonmetallic materials that are contaminated or damaged being used in oxygen environments; and optical techniques used to view oxygen system fires.

This new publication is an invaluable source of new information and is highly relevant to individuals and organizations that own, operate, or in any way interface with oxygen systems or oxygen-enriched atmospheres.

Table of Contents

D Hirsch, G Peyton, F-Y Hshieh, H Beeson

H Barthélémy

D Hirsch, S Motto, A Porter, H Beeson, MD Pedley

FY Hshieh, DB Hirsch, HD Beeson

CD Engel, SE Davis, EH Richardson

SR Smith, JM Stoltzfus

H Barthélémy, D Roy, JP Schaaff

GJA Chiffoleau, TA Steinberg, M Veidt

APR Edwards, GJA Chiffoleau, MJ Maes, TA Steinberg

ET Forsyth, M Maes, JM Stoltzfus, F Bachelier

MJ Maes, E Forsyth, DB Wilson, JM Stoltzfus

M Meilinger

BP Osborne, T Suvorovs, JD Wit, TA Steinberg

R Zawierucha, AV Samant, JF Million

AV Samant, R Zawierucha, JF Million

JF Million, R Zawierucha, AV Samant

ET Forsyth, BE Newton, J Rantala, T Hirschfeld

MS Shoffstall, JM Stoltzfus

H Beeson, J Ginter, D Dobbin, E Forsyth

B McMahon, H Nguyen

B Newton, ET Forsyth

ET Forsyth, DJ Eaton, BE Newton

SF Peralta, JM Stoltzfus

DB Wilson, M Barragan, HD Beeson

TD Gallus, SR Smith, JM Stoltzfus

LE Fletcher, R Zugno, J Dimas

SR Smith, JM Stoltzfus

JM Waller, BE Newton, HD Beeson

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