STP Published: 2002

Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry: Thirteenth International Symposium

Editor(s): Gerry D. Moan, Peter Rudling

This unique publication provides an international overview on the production and use of Zr alloys, their properties and behavior during nuclear service, the design of Zr components and their testing after service. Papers cover the historical aspects of research on Zr alloys; basic metallurgy, including studies of second phase particles; irradiation creep and growth; material performance during LOCA (loss of coolant accidents); and RIA (reactivity initiated accident).

Half of the papers in STP 1423 relate to corrosion and hydriding behavior, the most important current issues in the industry. A quarter of the papers deal with in-reactor studies. The remaining papers discussed the behavior and properties of Zr alloys for the intermediate storage of spent fuel.

STP 1423 is a valuable resource for engineers and scientists involved in the processing and properties of Zr alloys, the production and use of Zr alloy reactor components, their behavior during service and property changes that occur with increasing neutron fluences.

42 peer-reviewed papers provide an international overview of the production and use of Zr alloys.

Learn about:

• Production and use of Zr alloys in the nuclear industry

• Properties and behavior during nuclear service

• Corrosion and hydriding during service

• Dimensional changes during service

• Design of Zr components

• Testing after service

• Effect of alloy microstructure and composition on behavior

• Studies of the composition, properties and behavior of the oxides formed during service

Table of Contents

CE Coleman

C Lemaignan

P Barberis, E Ahlberg, N Simic, D Charquet, C Lemaignan, G Wikmark, M Dahlbäck, M Limbäck, P Tägtström, B Lehtinen

AT Motta, KT Erwin, O Delaire, RC Birtcher, Y Chu, J Maser, DC Mancini, B Lai

W Goll, L Ray

P Tägtstrom, M Limbäck, M Dahlbäck, T Andersson, H Pettersson

F Garzarolli, H Ruhmann, L Van Swam

D Pêcheur, VP Filippov, AB Bateev, JJ Ivanov

H Anada, K Takeda, S Nasu, Y Kobayashi, T Nakamichi

P Billot, S Yagnik, N Ramasubramanian, J Peybernes, D Pêcheur

P Bossis, J Thomazet, F Lefebvre

N Ramasubramanian, P Billot, S Yagnik

GM McDougall, VF Urbanic

YS Kim, HK Woo, KS Im, SI Kwun

RA Ploc

BD Warr, V Perovic, YP Lin, AC Wallace

JS Schofield, EC Darby, CF Gee

C Toffolon, J-C Brachet, C Servant, L Legras, D Charquet, P Barberis, JP Mardon

C Regnard, B Verhaeghe, F Lefebvre-Joud, C Lemaignan

R Bajaj, BF Kammenzind, DM Farkas

SY Zavodtchikov, LB Zuev, VI Belov, AF Lositskiy, YP Shevnin

JR Theaker, CE Coleman

SJ King, RL Kesterson, KH Yueh, RJ Comstock, WM Herwig, SD Ferguson

AM Garde, GP Smith, RC Pirek

M Griffiths, PH Davies, WG Davies, S Sagat

BF Kammenzind, KL Eklund, R Bajaj

HM Chung, RS Daum, JM Hiller, MC Billone

B Andersson, M Limbäck, G Wikmark, E Hauso, T Johnsen, RG Ballinger, AC Nystrand

B Cheng, BC Oberländer, W Wiesenack, S Yagnik, J Turnbull

MA McGrath, BC Oberländer, S Thorshaug, H Ruhmann, T Anegawa, T Hara

HJ Sell, E Ortlieb

J-C Brachet, L Portier, T Forgeron, J Hivroz, D Hamon, T Guilbert, T Bredel, P Yvon, J-P Mardon, P Jacques

RS Daum, S Majumdar, DW Bates, AT Motta, DA Koss, MC Billone

C Cappelaere, R Limon, D Gilbon, T Bredel, O Rabouille, P Bouffioux, JP Mardon

A Seibold, F Garzarolli

VN Shishov, MM Peregud, AV Nikulina, PV Shebaldov, AV Tselischev, AE Novoselov, GP Kobylyansky, ZE Ostrovsky, VK Shamardin

T Kido, Y Senda, Y Tukuta, H Hayashi, K Murai

M Griffiths, WG Davies, AR Causey, GD Moan, RA Holt, SA Aldridge

N Rupa, M Clavel, P Bouffioux, C Domain, A Legris

A Soniak, N L'Hullier, J-P Mardon, V Rebeyrolle, P Bouffioux, C Bernaudat

F Ferrer, A Barbu, T Bretheau, J Crépin, F Willaime, D Charquet

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