STP Published: 2002

Bearing Steel Technology

Editor(s): John M. Beswick

STP 1419 provides the latest global information on bearing steel manufacture and service life endurance, along with an up-to-date perspective on rolling bearing steel technologies. 34 peer-reviewed papers cover:

Bearing Steel Process Developments reviews global bearing steel making technologies, including a description of a billet casting friendly steel grade. Topics also cover never-before published data on the relative segregation levels for ingot and continuously cast 1C-1.5Cr, bearing steel, the effect of steel making processing parameters, and the soaking practice on bearing steel segregation properties.

Steel Technology and Bearing Component Manufacture discusses the machinability parameters in bearing steels within the Swedish bearing industry and relevant testing methodologies. This section also covers modernistic steel technologies related to improved environmental aspects of the hardening heat treatment process.

Developments in Bearing Steel Quality Assessment and Correlation’s with Bearing Life examines the use of ultrasonic techniques for internal cleanliness assessment, the use of statistics of extreme values (SEV), and a new method based on generalized Pareto distribution (GPD) when using optical microscopy.

Developments in Bearing Service Life Testing covers rolling bearing service life, as opposed to "pure" rolling contact fatigue life testing.

Bearing Metallurgy Developments for Improved Service Life describes the technologies pertaining to new alloys, heat treatments and microstructure control for improved served life and extreme conditions.

Developments in High Alloy Steel for Improved High Temperature and Enhanced Corrosion Resistance Properties addresses the demand in the rolling bearing industry, particularly aerospace, for high temperature and corrosion resistance.

Microstructural Changes and its Relationships with Bearing Life and Life Time Predictions focuses on the material physics aspects associated with the Hertzian contact cyclic process in rolling bearing contacts.

Material Factors in Bearing Life Calculations deals with rolling bearing life endurance models.


STP 1419 is a valuable resource for bearing and steel manufacturers and purchasers, bearing designers, researchers and technologists, and tribologists.

Table of Contents

PV Dimitry, PJ McDonough, G Beck, R Eberhard, HW Zock

PK Adishesha

S Ganguly, I Chakrabarti, MD Maheshwari, T Mukherjee

T Johansson, H Sandqvist

TB Lund, LJP Ölund

G Auclair, P Daguier

Y Murakami, NN Yokoyama

G Shi, HV Atkinson, CM Sellars, CW Anderson, JR Yates

JO Wolfe

T Nishikawa, H Nagayama, S Nishimon, K Asai, I Fujii, T Sugimoto

D Thiery, C Delhaes

Y Kato, K Sato, K Hiraoka, Y Nuri

R Fougères, G Lormand, A Vincent, D Nelias, G Dudragne, D Girodin, G Baudry, P Daguier

H Tanaka, N Tsushima

Y Matsumoto, Y Murakami, M Oohori

H-J Böhmer, R Eberhard

D Girodin, F Ville, R Guers, G Dudragne

M Shibata, M Goto, A Ohta, K Toda

S-J Yoo, S-W Choi, S-K Han, J-S Lee, B-J Jung, B-H Song, C-N Park

K Yamamura, M Oohori

P Daguier, G Baudry, J Bellus, G Auclair, J RofèsVernis, G Dudragne, D Girodin, G Jacob

D Carlson, R Pitsko, AJ Chidester, JR Imundo

A Kajinic, RB Dixon, BA Hann

MA Ragen, DL Anthony, RF Spitzer

CM Tomasello, HI Burrrier, RA Knepper, S Balliett, JL Maloney

E Streit, W Trojahn

DW Hetzner

S Tanaka, K Yamamura, M Oohori

A Vincent, H Elghazal, G Lormand, A Hamel, D Girodin

AP Voskamp

A Vincent, R Fougères, G Lormand, G Dudragne, D Girodin

TA Harris

G Lormand, D Piot, A Vincent, G Baudry, P Daguier, D Girodin, G Dudragne

A Gabelli, S Ioannides, J Beswick, G de Wit, H Krock, B Korenhof, A Kerrigan

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