STP Published: 2002

Small Specimen Test Techniques: Fourth Volume

Editor(s): Mikhail Sokolov, John D. Landes, Glenn E. Lucas

STP 1418 features a global review of the latest research in small volume specimen testing. 31 peer-reviewed papers from an international collection of experts cover:

Fracture Toughness explores the effects of specimen size and geometry on constraint, which affects the ability to extract meaningful fracture toughness from small specimens.

Small Size Charpy V-Notch Specimens endeavors to develop correlations between full size specimens and a wide variety of subsized specimen geometries, down to some with cross sections of 1.5 mm x 1.5 mm.

Mechanical Properties describes techniques for extracting mechanical properties from a wide range of materials, including metals and composites.

Small Punch Test describes techniques to obtain mechanical and microstructural data. Two general categories of small punch tests are presented: 1) disk bend tests, where a spherical penetrator deforms a circumferentially-supported disc specimen, and 2) shear punch tests, where a flat-ended cylindrical punch blanks a hole in a clamped coupon specimen

Reconstitution Techniques describes various reconstitution techniques on subsized Charpy V-notch (CVN) specimens, including a large multi-lab European effort (RESQUE--Reconstitution Techniques Qualification and Evaluation Study).

STP 1418 is an important resource for nuclear engineers, materials testing engineers, fracture mechanics professionals, and researchers in engineering of structural components.

Table of Contents

E Lucon, M Scibetta, R Chaouadi, E van Walle

M Valo, T Planman, K Wallin, R Rintamaa, R Ahlstrand, J Kohopää

K Wallin, A Laukkanen, S Tähtinen

G Wardle

H-J Schindler

A Sherry, G Wardle, P Birkett, M Wilkes, P Budden

T Yamamoto, K Yabuki, H Matsui, GR Odette, GE Lucas

CS Catherine, C Poussard, J Vodinh, R Schill, N Hourdequin, P Forget, P Galon

K Dohi, N Soneda, T Onchi, H Matsui

YN Korolev, YI Shtrombakh, YA Nikolaev, YA Krasikov, PA Platonov

T Hirose, T Suzuki, H Tanigawa, M Ando, A Kohyama, Y Katoh, M Narui

RS Daum, S Majumda, H Tsai, TS Bray, DA Koss, AT Motta, MC Billone

Y Murase, J Nagakawa, N Yamamoto

GR Odette, MY He, EG Donahue, GE Lucas

B Roebuck, JD Lord, LP Orkney

SA Wimmer, VG DeGiorgi

TS Byun, EH Lee, JD Hunn, K Farrell, LK Mansur

K Farrell, TS Byun, JW Jones, LT Gibson, RG Sitterson, N Hashimoto, JL Bailey, MJ Gardner

T Nozawa, T Hinoki, Y Katoh, A Kohyama, E Lara-Curzio

MY He, GR Odette, GE Lucas, B Schroeter

M Li, JF Stubbins

MB Toloczko, K Abe, ML Hamilton, FA Garner, RJ Kurtz

CS Catherine, J Messier, C Poussard, S Rosinski, J Foulds

MB Toloczko, Y Yokokura, K Abe, ML Hamilton, FA Garner, RJ Kurtz

V Karthik, K Laha, KV Kasiviswanathan, B Raj

E van Walle, M Scibetta, MJ Valo, H-W Viehrig, H Richter, T Atkins, MR Wootton, E Keim, L Debarberis, M Horsten

E Keim, R Langer, E van Walle, M Scibetta, MJ Valo, H-W Viehrig, H Richter, T Atkins, MR Wootton, L Debarberis, M Horsten

M Valo, E Keim, E van Walle, M Scibetta, T Atkins, M Wootton, H Viehrig, H Richter, L Debarberis, M Horsten

E Otsuka, S Hatano, Y Atago

PI Petrov, M Scibetta, J-L Puzzolante, E van Walle

H-W Viehrig, H Richter, T Atkins, E van Walle, M Scibetta, MJ Valo, MR Wootton, E Keim, L Debaberis, M Horsten

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