STP Published: 2001

Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: A New Century for Agricultural Formulations, Twenty First Volume

Editor(s): Jane C. Mueninghoff, Alan K. Viets, Roger A. Downer

STP 1414 emphasizes the external factors affecting the global growth of the agricultural industry, as well as new options available for formulating and delivering agricultural products to meet this global growth. It covers the latest developments and research in formulation ingredients methodology, application, and pesticide efficacy from a wide variety of sources, including industry and academia.

21 peer-reviewed papers in 6 sections cover:

Efficacy--presents studies relating to efficacy enhancement of pesticide products. These papers cover the effects of adjuvants, surfactants, and inorganic cations on pesticide activity.

Methods--examines techniques and methodology for determining the stability and efficacy of pesticide formulations as important tools not to be overlooked by the developers of agricultural products. It addresses various issues of methodology, including new techniques under consideration in Europe.

Formulation Strategy--covers various statistical design techniques and other formulating options.

Formulation Ingredients--discusses the development and application of inert ingredients for agricultural formulation, which can improve formulation stability, efficacy, and handling.

Regulatory Issues--features the topic of environmental strategies for nonylphenol ethoxylates.

Application and Spray Drift--concentrates on spray drift characteristics, testing, measurement, and distribution. These papers discuss useful measurement techniques and effect on pesticide efficacy.

Audience: Agricultural Formulators • Regulators • Market Managers • Suppliers to Crop Protection Industry • Agricultural Applicators

Table of Contents

H de Ruiter, E Nijhuis, H-W Wollenweber, H-G Mainx

Z Woznica, JD Nalewaja, CG Messersmith

H de Ruiter, RA Downer, AJM Uffing, TA Ebert, PJJ Pikaar, FR Hall

RS Tann, PD Frisch, KP Kuo

JA Cooper, RD Fox, RD Dexter, MJ Bukovac

K Tsuji

SS Ashrawi, CM Elsik, HM Stridde, GA Smith

L Stocky, D Cantalupi, J Lucas, R Kowalik

IW Doering, HT Delli Colli

AJ Stern, JL Hazen

R Herbert

TH Anderson, H-G Mainx

EM Mihaich, CG Naylor, CA Staples

WA Forster, MO Kimberley, JA Zabkiewicz

PCH Miller, AJ Hewitt, WE Bagley

M Salyani, E BenSalem, JD Whitney

ME Teske, AJ Hewitt, RE Mickle

JCG Rommens, SJ Davies

FJ Lachut

FDJ Hartmann, JM Green

RF Burow, D Penner, FC Roggenbuck, DE Wallick

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DOI: 10.1520/STP1414-EB
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