STP Published: 2001

Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment: Science, Policy, and Standardization—Implications for Environmental Decisions: Tenth Volume

Editor(s): Bruce M. Greenberg, Ruth N. Hull, Morris H. Roberts, Jr., Robert W. Gensemer

The latest volume in this ASTM series explores the advancements in the field of environmental toxicology and risk assessment, including methods of carrying scientific findings forward to sound policy decisions. 25 papers in 6 sections cover:

Aquatic Toxicology--examines the ionic composition in water used in toxicity tests and how that impacts on metal toxicity; how modified PAHs impact on EROD levels; how UV radiation in natural aquatic settings impacts on photosynthesis in phytoplankton; and ship channel contaminant assessment.

Interface Between Policy, Science and Risk Assessment--addresses the use appropriate data in environmental modeling; statistical procedures to find the real ecological risk drivers; comparisons of fish and human toxicity; and statistical evaluation of terrestrial non-target organisms.

ASTM Standards and Their Applications--focuses on how ASTM standards can be used in science and policy.

Biomonitoring of Sediments and Aquatic Systems--deals with an extension of the Microtox assay; assessing PAH bioavailability at off-shore oil wells; a new powerful molecular bioindicator; a comparison of EROD and fibronectin levels; and toxicity of photomodified polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon mixtures in contaminated sediments.

Current Issues In Soil Toxicity and Remediation--discusses how important the evaluation of soil toxicity is becoming, and how such contaminated sites can be cleaned for reuse.

New Directions in Environmental Assessment and Recovery--explores how to use environmental assessment data to make decisions on risk and restoration.

Table of Contents

PG Welsh, GA Chapman, JA Hansen, J Lipton

K Schirmer, EM Joyce, DG Dixon, BM Greenberg, NC Bols

CA Marwood, E Dobson, REH Smith, KR Solomon, BM Greenberg

ME Arhelger, FR Parker, PA Jensen, CE Boyd

EA Sigal, GM Ferguson, CM Bacigalupo, RD Willis, L Marshall

RK Johnston, WR Munns, DE Nacci

PB Tchounwou, BA Wilson, AB Ishaque1

CH Baehr, C Habig

JC Smrchek, Maurice Zeeman

RC Petrie

GL Stephenson, NC Feisthauer, N Koper, JH McCann, RP Scroggins

YS El-Alawi, DG Dixon, BM Greenberg

JM Neff, TC Sauer, AD Hart

LC Diener, DG Dixon, BM Greenberg, PM Schulte

LEJ Lee, T Mann, K Pagniello, I Mikaelian, Y de Lafontaine

MA Lampi, YS El-Alawi, BJ McConkey, XD Huang, DG Dixon, BM Greenberg

WA Boyd, VA Stringer, PL Williams

GL Stephenson, JI Princz, N Koper, PG Miasek

JB Wells, RP Lanno

XD Huang, BR Glick, BM Greenberg

WG Landis, JF McLaughlin

GI Sunahara, PY Robidoux, B Lachance, AY Renoux, P Gong, S Rocheleau, SG Dodard, M Sarrazin, J Hawari, S Thiboutot, G Ampleman

TS Babu, S Tripuranthakam, BM Greenberg

LEJ Lee, A McDonald, J Stassen, K Lee

Y Dudal, L Deschênes

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