STP Published: 2000

Fretting Fatigue: Current Technology and Practices

Editor(s): Hoeppner/Chandrasekaran/Elliott

STP 1367, the most significant publication on fretting fatigue to date, contains the latest research from technical leaders worldwide. This unique volume focuses on fretting fatigue research, development, and engineering design related matters, as well as failure analysis and maintenance engineering issues. It also explores research that may prove useful in life estimation, a damage mapping approach that may provide significant guidance to developing fretting fatigue design methods, and prevention and alleviation schemes.

36 peer-reviewed papers cover:

• Fretting Fatigue Parameter Effects

• Environmental Effects

• Fretting Fatigue Crack Nucleation

• Material and Microstructural Effects

• Fretting Damage Analysis

• Fracture Mechanics Applied to Fretting Fatigue

• Life Prediction

• Experimental Studies

• Surface Treatments

• Applications.

STP 1367 is a valuable technical resource for engineers dealing in the research, development, and problem solving related to fretting fatigue. It is also useful to those interested in wear and its effects on corrosion and fatigue.

Table of Contents

RB Waterhouse

T Hattori, M Nakamura, T Watanabe

MH Attia

S Fouvry, P Kapsa, L Vincent

T Hansson, M Kamaraj, Y Mutoh, B Pettersson

AE Giannakopoulos, TC Lindley, S Suresh

SE Kinyon, DW Hoeppner

DL Anton, MJ Lutian, LH Favrow, D Logan, B Annigeri

D Nowell, DA Hills, R Moobola

W Switek

S Fouvry, P Kapsa, L Vincent

R Cortez, S Mall, JR Calcaterra

SK Lee, K Nakazawa, M Sumita, N Maruyama

BU Wittkowsky, PR Birch, J Domínguez, S Suresh

MH Attia

CB Elliott, AM Georgeson

J Woodtli, Ov Trzebiatowski, M Roth

MP Szolwinski, G Harish, PA McVeigh, TN Farris

K Kondoh, Y Mutoh

T Satoh

AL Hutson, T Nicholas

T Nisida, Y Mutoh, K Yoshii, O Ebihara

V Chandrasekaran, YI Yoon, DW Hoeppner

A Chateauminois, M Kharrat, A Krichen

RW Neu, JA Pape, DR Swalla

LH Favrow, D Werner, DD Pearson, KW Brown, MJ Lutian, BS Annigeri, DL Anton

M Ciavarella, G Demelio, A HillsD

G Harish, MP Szolwinski, TN Farris, T Sakagami

MC Dubourg, V Lamacq

MP Blinn, JM Lipkin

M Okane, K Shiozawa, T Ishikura

M Kubota, K Tsutsui, T Makino, K Hirakawa

S Chakravarty, JP Dyer, JC Conway, AE Segall, PC Patnaik

T Makino, M Yamamoto, K Hirakawa

TN Farris, MP Szolwinski, G Harish

K Dang Van, MH Maitournam

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DOI: 10.1520/STP1367-EB
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