STP Published: 1999

Cobalt-Base Alloys for Biomedical Applications

Editor(s): John A. Disegi, Richard L. Kennedy, Robert Pilliar

STP 1365 is a unique publication that focuses on the use of cobalt-base alloys in orthopaedic applications. It features 18 peer-reviewed papers written by world renowned biomedical experts, that focus on new materials research, advanced process developments, accelerated wear studies, and clinical information related to the use of Co-26Cr-6Mo for surgical implant applications.

STP 1365 covers the latest information to emerge in recent years on topics such as:

• Alloy Design

• Processing Variables

• Corrosion/Fretting Resistance

• Abrasion and Wear Characterization

• Implant Surface Modification

• Biological Response

• Clinical Performance.

This volume is a comprehensive resource for orthopaedic surgeons, biomedical researchers and engineers, product design engineers, quality control engineers, product metallurgists and managers, implant device manufacturers, and academics.

Table of Contents

R Tandon

G Berry, JD Bolton, JB Brown, S McQuaide

JA Tesk, CE Johnson, D Skrtic, MS Tung, S Hsu

BS Becker, JD Bolton

RM Berlin, LJ Gustavson, KK Wang

AK Mishra, MA Hamby, WB Kaiser

KK Wang, RM Berlin, LJ Gustavson

HE Lippard, RL Kennedy

A Salinas-Rodríguez

A Wang, JD Bobyn, S Yue, JB Medley, FW Chan

KK Wang, A Wang, LJ Gustavson

KR St. John, RA Poggie, LD Zardiackas, RM Afflitto

JA Killar, HL Freese, RL Kennedy, M LaBerge

MA Pellman

A Flores-Valdés, AH Castillejos-Escobar, F Acosta-González, JC Escobedo-Bocardo, A Toscano-Giles

P Campbell, H McKellop, R Alim, J Mirra, S Nutt, L Dorr, HC Amstutz

NJ Hallab, JJ Jacobs, A Skipor, J Black, K Mikecz, JO Galante

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DOI: 10.1520/STP1365-EB
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