STP Published: 2001

Hydraulic Failure Analysis: Fluids, Components, and System Effects

Editor(s): George E. Totten, David K. Wills, Dierk Feldman

41 papers provide a comprehensive overview of the problems and new technologies in hydraulic systems associated with hydraulic fluids and their interaction with component design, component metallurgy, and the design of the hydraulic system itself.

Six sections cover: Theory, Mechanism and Simulation • Failure Analysis • Materials • Components--Seals, Valves and Rolling Element Bearings • Fluids

Major issues addressed include:

• The effect of fluid chemistry on component failure as the result of oxidation, wear debris, viscosity loss, generation of corrosion by-products, and yellow metal wear.

• Metallurgy of the material, including material pair effects and physical properties.

• The effect of surface finish.

• Modeling wear mechanisms as a function of material pair contact loading, speed, and other factors.

• Dynamic versus static wear.

• Wear mechanisms including rolling contact fatigue, cavitation, lubrication failure, abrasive wear, and others, in addition to combinations of these mechanisms.

• Methods of failure analysis focusing on strategies to identify root caused of failure.

• Hydraulic component design and metallurgy of bearings, gears, slippers, and end-plates.

Table of Contents

KC Ludema

JA Williams, AM Hyncica

K Tønder

K Tanaka, K Kyogoku, T Nakahara

Y Jiang, J Chang, B Xu

DG Feldmann, M Kessler

K Elalem, DY Li, MJ Anderson, S Chiovelli

LD Wedeven, R Bourdoulous

H Liang, GE Totten

J Reichel, M Wahl

M Fluks

RB Mowery, EM Purdy

J Poley

GC Svedberg, K Sundvall

BJ Roylance

DD Troyer

JC Fitch

RK Tessmann, IT Hong

S Ohkawa, A Konishi, H Hatano, D Voss

H Liang, K Mizuno, GE Totten, RJ Bishop, S Lemberger

CG Fey, GE Totten, YH Sun

RJ Bishop, GE Totten

W Scott

DL Mann, EJ Hughes

A Yabuki, K Noishiki, K Komori, M Matsumura

JT Sikes


R Oberem, H Murrenhoff

DG Feldmann

D van Bebber, H Murrenhoff

I Etsion, G Halperin, G Ryk

F Schulz, VM Wollesen, M Vötter

M Vötter, O Schultz

A Sasaki

SK Sharma, CE Snyder, LJ Gschwender, JC Liang, BF Schreiber

GW Poll

CW Hyndman, BG Kinker, DG Placek

T Zhang, DY Li

R Liu, DY Li

T Koivula, R Karjalainen, A Ellman, M Vilenius

DG Feldmann, M Kessler

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