STP Published: 1998

Small Specimen Test Techniques

Editor(s): William R. Corwin, Stan T. Rosinski, Eric van Walle

Features a global review of state-of-the-art research in miniature specimen testing. This comprehensive volume includes 38 peer-reviewed papers from an international collection of experts in the field and covers the following areas:

• International testing program evaluation to compare miniature specimen testing results and investigate the impact of testing variables on component behavior predictions

• Innovative methods for obtaining and applying data from small specimens

• Improved correlation methods with standard-size specimens and test techniques

• The impact of numerous crucial parameters on the reconstitution process, including such areas as welding technique, insert size and specimen orientation

• Ways to correct and utilize measurements made using very small fracture toughness specimens

• The use of small fatigue-precracked round bars to measure pressure vessel materials fracture toughness

• Improvements and innovations in punch and disk testing techniques.

An important resource for materials testing engineers, fracture mechanics experts, nuclear engineers, researchers in engineering of structural components, and metallurgists.

Table of Contents

ST Rosinski, WR Corwin

E Lucon

W Böhme, W Schmitt

HJ Schindler, M Veidt

W Schmitt, H Talja, W Böhme, S Oeser, H Stöckl

SE Sidener, AS Kumar, ML Hamilton

JF Kalthoff, M Gregor

A Kimura, T Suzuki, M Jincho, H Matsui

H Taylor

D Kalkhof, K Krompholz

YN Korolev, AM Kryukov, YA Nikolaev, PA Platonov, YI Shtrombakh, R Langer, C Leitz, C-Y Rieg

E Czoboly, F Gillemot, F Oszwald

KY Hour, KK Yoon

M Valo, T Planman, K Wallin

R Chaouadi

MA Sokolov, DE McCabe, YA Davidov, RK Nanstad

JA Joyce

A Fabry

GR Odette, K Edsinger, GE Lucas, E Donahue

JH Giovanola, RW Klopp, JE Crocker, DJ Alexander, WR Corwin, RK Nanstad

D Sarchamy, MG Burns

M Scibetta, R Chaouadi

K Onizawa, E van Walle, RK Nanstad, M Sokolov, W Pavinich

E Keim, R Langer, G Hofmann

H-W Viehrig, J Boehmert

F De Backer, F Gutiérnez-Solana

MJ Valo

M Tomimatsu, S Kawaguchi, M Iida

Y Nishiyama, K Fukaya, K Onizawa, M Suzuki, T Nakamura, S Kaihara, A Sato, K Yoshida

WN Sharpe, D Danley, DA LaVan

B Marini, S Carassou, P Wident, P Soulat

KV Kasiviswanathan, SK Hotta, CK Mukhopadhyay, B Raj

WK Lee, DR Metzger, A Donner, OE Lepik

JR Foulds, M Wu, S Srivastav, CW Jewett

TS Byun, JH Kim, SH Chi, JH Hong

W Geary, JT Dutton

RWL Fong, CR Fraser

ML Hamilton, GL Hankin, DS Gelles

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