STP Published: 1996

Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry: Eleventh International Symposium

Editor(s): E.R. Bradley, G.P. Sabol

From its inaugural meeting in Philadelphia in 1968, the ASTM Symposium on Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry has been the premiere vehicle for discussion and documentation of the scientific and technological bases for the utilization of zirconium-based alloys in water-cooled reactors. The eleventh conference in this symposium series, held in September 1995 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, continued this tradition of excellence. Attendees to this conference numbered 209, representing 16 countries. After careful peer review and editing, forty-one technical papers presented at this conference are published in this book. The highlights of the oral discussions have also been captured and appear at the end of each paper. This publication also includes two papers that are significant contributions to zirconium technology which served as the basis for the authors receiving the W. J. Kroll awards for 1993 and 1994. In Garmisch-Partenkirchen the awards for these years were presented to J. A. L. Robertson and to the team comprised of Friedrich Garzarolli, Heinz Stehle, and Eckard Steinberg, respectively. These Kroll Award papers represent historical as well as technical significance for the use of zirconium alloys in the nuclear industry.

Table of Contents

JAL Robertson

F Garzarolli, H Stehle, E Steinberg

H Anada, K Takeda

G Wikmark, P Rudling, B Lehtinen, B Hutchinson, A Oscarsson, E Ahlberg

H Anada, BJ Herb, K Nomoto, S Hagi, RA Graham, T Kuroda

D Pêcheur, J Godlewski, P Billot, J Thomazet

B Cox, M Ungurelu, Y-M Wong, C Wu

B Cheng, PM Gilmore, HH Klepfer

Y Ito, T Furuya

H Göhr, J Schaller, H Ruhmann, F Garzarolli

T Isobe, T Murai, Y Mae

O Gebhardt, A Hermann, G Bart, H Blank, F Garzarolli, ILF Ray

X Iltis, F Lefebvre, C Lemaignan

BD Warr, PAW Van Der Heide, MA Maguire

HR Peters, JL Harlow

M Blat, D Noel

BF Kammenzind, DG Franklin, HR Peters, WJ Duffin

P Delobelle, P Robinet, P Bouffioux, P Geyer, I Le Pichon

P Efsing, K Pettersson

AM Garde, GP Smith, RC Pirek

V Grigoriev, B Josefsson, B Rosborg

M Limbäck, T Andersson

CK Chow, CE Coleman, MH Koike, AR Causey, CE Ells, RR Hosbons, S Sagat, VF Urbanic, DK Rodgers

PH Davies, RSW Shewfelt

N Christodoulou, AR Causey, RA Holt, CN Tomé, N Badie, RJ Klassen, R Sauvé, CH Woo

F Garzarolli, W Goll, A Seibold, I Ray

AT Motta, JA Faldowski, LM Howe, PR Okamoto

M Griffiths, JF Mecke, JE Winegar

VN Shishov, AV Nikulina, VA Markelov, MM Peregud, AV Kozlov, SA Averin, SA Kolbenkov, AE Novoselov

RA Holt, AR Causey, N Christodoulou, M Griffiths, ETC Ho, CH Woo

Y de Carlan, C Regnard, M Griffiths, D Gilbon, C Lemaignan

R Choubey, SA Aldridge, JR Theaker, CD Cann, CE Coleman

CD Williams, MO Marlowe, RB Adamson, SB Wisner, RA Rand, JS Armijo

SA Nikulin, VI Goncharov, VA Markelov, VN Shishov

RJ Comstock, G Schoenberger, GP Sabol

PY Huang, ST Mahmood, RB Adamson

PH Kreyns, WF Bourgeois, CJ White, PL Charpentier, BF Kammenzind, DG Franklin

AV Nikulina, VA Markelov, MM Peregud, YK Bibilashvili, VA Kotrekhov, AF Lositsky, NV Kuzmenko, YP Shevnin, VK Shamardin, GP Kobylyansky, AE Novoselov

OA Besch, SK Yagnik, KN Woods, CM Eucken, ER Bradley

Y Etoh, S Shimada, T Yasuda, T Ikeda, RB Adamson, J-SF Chen, Y Ishii, K Takei

F Garzarolli, Y Broy, RA Busch

H Ruhmann, R Manzel, H-J Sell, D Charquet

CE Coleman, BA Cheadle, CD Cann, JR Theaker

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