STP Published: 1995

Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: Fourteenth Volume

Editor(s): Franklin R. Hall, Paul D. Berger, Herbert M. Collins

The latest edition featuring up to date information on pesticide applications, formulation techniques, innovations in the agrochemical field and related current government agricultural regulations.

In addition to a comprehensive twenty-year historical review of the ASTM Committee E-35 on Pesticides, this publication features twenty-eight peer-reviewed papers divided into the following three categories:

Pesticide Application Technology and Off-Target Effects-- Ten papers focus on different aspects of pesticide application technology, including spray cloud characteristics,electrostatics and a practical tank mixing evaluation procedure, as well as the impact of drift and evaporation of pesticide sprays, pesticide container regulations and recycling.

Formulation Technology-- Polymers, varying surfactants, water soluble and water dispersible granules are explored in seven papers.

Formulation Modifications and Biological Effects-- Eleven papers deal with the biological impact of formulation changes such as stability and pH effects, adhesion, and numerous controlled release technologies.

Table of Contents

JL Hazen, BJ Butler, SP Canning

NB Akesson, WE Steinke, WE Yates

J Ettmueller, R Frank, H Groener, M Raedle

HAS Payne, MJ Tracy

CK Groves, RS Smith, EL Johnson

RA Downer, JA Cooper, AC Chapple, FR Hall, DL Reichard, H Zhu

JR Young, CC Dowler, LD Chandler, RB Chalfant, HR Sumner, AW Johnson

ED Bynum, TL Archer, WM Lyle, JP Bordovsky, J Mustian

MH Hetherington, GR Van Ee, RR Ledebuhr

NE Fitz

HJ Johnson

IV Gubelmann-Bonneau, PA Mailhe, MA Perrin

RL Sandler, GV Chambers, RA Verbelen, A Herold

WL Sorensen, TM Lachocki

KS Narayanan

E Fu, KS Narayanan, FR Hall, RA Downer

CG Utz, JM Sekmistrz, RP Hollis

LA Munie

ME Teske, AZ MacNichol, JW Barry

CM Riley, II Sears, JJC Picot, TJ Chapman

KMS Sundaram, A Sundaram

FA Manthey, M Czajka, JD Nalewaja

JD Nalewaja, W Koziara, R Matysiak, FA Manthey

FA Manthey, M Czajka, JD Nalewaja

HN Feigenbaum

KMS Sundaram, A Sundaram, SJ Gee, RO Harrison, BD Hammock

GA Policello, PJG Stevens, WA Forster, GJ Murphy

RE Mack, JR Roberts, GC Volgas

R Levy, MA Nichols, TW Miller

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Pages: 356
DOI: 10.1520/STP1234-EB
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