STP Published: 1995

Lead in Paint, Soil and Dust: Health Risks, Exposure Studies, Control Measures, Measurement Methods, and Quality Assurance

Editor(s): Michael E. Beard, S. D. Allen Iske

First publication of its kind to present current, wide-ranging data on the effects of exposure to lead from paint, soil and dust. Features the latest results of health effects studies, environmental assessments, control and intervention studies, analytical methods development, and evaluation and quality assurance program development.

28 comprehensive peer-reviewed papers cover the following key areas:

Health Risks -- one paper on childhood lead exposure; one on the experimental use of immature swine to track G-I lead absorption.

Exposure Studies -- Eight papers explore the pathways and extent of exposure to lead, concentrating on lead-based paint in housing, lead in soil and dust samples, the relationship between blood-lead levels and lead in the environment,and the results of lead-paint abatement programs.

Control Measures -- The full range of control measures necessary to reduce or eliminate lead exposure is discussed in three papers.

Measurement Methods -- Seven papers evaluate diverse instrumental measurement techniques for determining lead levels.

Quality Assurance -- The development of standardized materials and methods to insure reliable lead measurements is discussed in five papers.

Laboratory and Field Measurement Accreditation -- The criteria and objectives for three different laboratory accreditation programs are explained.

Table of Contents

CP Weis, RH Poppenga, BJ Thacker, GM Henningsen, A Curtis

AH Marcus, RW Elias

RP Clickner, JW Rogers

JG Kinateder, P Kumar, BE Buxton, SW Rust, JG Schwemberger, BS Lim, FG Dewalt, P Constant

RF Eberle

MB Rabinowitz

DA Burgoon, SF Brown, RG Menton

RG Menton, DA Burgoon, AH Marcus

MR Farfel, BS Lim

DA Burgoon, SW Rust, BD Schultz

AL Sussell, A Weber, D Wild, D Wall, K Ashley

BE Buxton, SW Rust, JG Kinateder, JG Schwemberger, BS Lim, P Constant, FG Dewalt

DE Jacobs

SL Harper, WF Gutknecht, ME Beard

MB Bernick, G Prince, R Singhvi

HA Vincent, DM Boyer

G Dewalt, P Constant, BE Buxton, SW Rust, BS Lim, JG Schwemberger

ML Demyanek, GR Dunmyre, GS Casuccio

Y Mamane, RD Willis, RK Stevens, JL Miller

DL Johnson, A Hunt

RL Watters, JR DeVoe

EC Hartwig

DA Binstock, ED Estes, JD Neefus, EE Williams, WF Gutknecht, SL Harper, ME Beard

PA Pella, JR DeVoe, AF Marlow

HA Vincent, DM Boyer, RW Elias

JV Scalera

PS Unger

RH Peters, HA Hurley

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