STP Published: 1995

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: Fate and Effects in Alaskan Waters

Editor(s): Peter G. Wells, James N. Butler, Jane S. Hughes

The first definitive exploration of the effects of this catastrophic oil spill since its occurrence in 1989. In addition to a comprehensive overview of the issues involved, 25 peer-reviewed papers cover the following key topics: • Chemistry and Fate of the Spill • Shoreline Impacts of the Spill • Effects on Fish and Fisheries • Effects on Wildlife • Archaeological Site Impact.

Table of Contents

PG Wells, JN Butler, JS Hughes

DS Page, PD Boehm, GS Douglas, AE Bence

AE Bence, WA Burns

JM Neff, WA Stubblefield

JR Bragg, SH Yang

DG Taft, DE Egging, HA Kuhn

G Shigenaka, CB Henry

DS Page, ES Gilfillan, PD Boehm, EJ Harner

LL McDonald, WP Erickson, MD Strickland

JM Neff, EH Owens, SW Stoker, DM McCormick

PD Boehm, DS Page, ES Gilfillan, WA Stubblefield, EJ Harner

ES Gilfillan, DS Page, EJ Harner, PD Boehm

ES Gilfillan, TH Suchanek, PD Boehm, EJ Harner, DS Page, NA Sloan

DA Armstrong, PA Dinnel, JM Orensanz, JL Armstrong, TL McDonald, RF Cusimano, RS Nemeth, ML Landolt, JR Skalski, RF Lee, RJ Huggett

EL Brannon, LL Moulton, LG Gilbertson, AW Maki, JR Skalski

AW Maki, EJ Brannon, LG Gilbertson, LL Moulton, JR Skalski

WH Pearson, E Moksness, JR Skalski

WA Stubblefield, GA Hancock, WH Ford, HH Prince, RK Ringer

R Hartung

RH Day, SM Murphy, JA Wiens, GD Hayward, EJ Harner, LN Smith

CM White, RJ Ritchie, BA Cooper

DE Erikson

PD Boersma, JK Parrish, AB Kettle

JA Wiens

CB Johnson, DL Garshelis

CB Wooley, JC Haggarty

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