STP Published: 1995

Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment: Third Volume

Editor(s): Jane Staveley Hughes, Gregory R. Biddinger, Eugene Mones

Features the latest advances in determining the impact of chemicals on the environment.

A comprehensive overview of the current status of ecological risk assessment and suggested advances for the discipline is the cornerstone of this publication. Twenty-two additional papers are presented in five categories, including, for the first time ever, the subject of Models in Ecological Risk Assessment.

Other categories include:

Ecotoxicology: Prediction and Assessment -- The estimation and measurement of ecological effects at various sites.

Sediment Toxicology -- Varied procedures to identify and assess contaminated sediments.

Fate and Effects of Chemicals -- How specific chemicals impact laboratory microcosm systems, fresh and saltwater flora and fauna, and general molecular structural parameters.

Methods Development -- The development and refinement of new methods to evaluate exposure and toxicity in the field of risk assessment.

Table of Contents

SM Barteil, GR Biddinger

JR Vigna, JK Johnson, BC Kross

JM DeSesso

G Linder, M Bollman, C Gillett, R King, J Nwosu, S Ott, D Wilborn, G Henderson, TP fleeger, T Darrow, D Lightfoot

GB Matthews, RA Matthews, WG Landis

S Ferson, TF Long

PK Scott, KR Trowbridge

WG Landis, RA Matthews, AJ Markiewicz, GB Matthews

JS Jaworska, TG Hallam, SM Henson, WR McKinney, RR Lassiter

TW Schultz, JS Jaworska, RS Hunter

DE Weber, GE Walsh, MA MacGregor

TM Dillon, DW Moore, DJ Reish

MH Salazar, SM Salazar

MH Salazar, PB Duncan, SM Salazar, KA Rose

JEH Wilson, PA Cunningham, DW Evans, JD Costlow

PS Hovatter, RH Ross

WJ Fleming, MS Ailstock, JJ Momot

KF Moschner, A Cece

D Postlethwaite

MC Black, K Björkroth, A Oikari

D Gruber, C Frago

JW Gorsuch, M Ritter, ER Anderson

AM Nielsen, PA Filler, JE Heinze, TM Lachocki

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