STP Published: 1994

Nondestructive Testing of Pavements and Backcalculation of Moduli: Second Volume

Editor(s): Harold L. Von Quintus, Albert J. Bush III, Gilbert Y. Baladi

Divided into 4 sessions and one panel workshop/discussion on issues related to standardization of backcalculation procedures. The papers presented focus on the area of backcalculation of layer moduli techniques and comparisons of material moduli as measured in the laboratory to values calculated from field deflection measurements. Information from these papers and discussions were used to establish whether a backcalculation procedure could be standardized based upon the current state-of-the-art technology. Provides readers with much of the latest information in the areas of pavement evaluation using NDT techniques, and application of that data for use in pavement design.

In 5 sections:

• Measurement and calculation Techniques in the Field and Laboratory

• Problems/errors Associated with Backcalculation Methods and Design Parameters

• NDT for Other Pavement Uses

• Proposed Standard Guide.

Table of Contents

J Uzan

GR Rada, CA Richter, P Jordahl

N Stubbs, VS Torpunuri, RL Lytton, AH Magnuson

RS Harichandran, T Mahmood, AR Raab, GY Baladi

KT Hall, MI Darter

AM Ioannides

SM Zaghloul, TD White, VP Drnevich, B Coree

P Ullidtz, J Krarup, T Wahlman

VS Torpunuri, M Stubbs, RL Lytton, AH Magnuson

T Akram, T Scullion, RE Smith

KP George, W Uddin

JR de Almeida, SF Brown, NH Thom

RN Stubstad, JP Mahoney, NF Coetzee

JW Hall, PS McCaffrey

KM Vennalaganti, C Ferregut, S Nazarian

P Lepert, P Caprioli

PE Sebaaly, S Holikatti

JA Crovetti, MY Shahin

KM Boddapati, S Nazarian

KR Maser, T Scullion, WMK Roddis, E Fernando

DA Van Deusen, CA Lenngren, DE Newcomb

N Gucunski

DJ Jackson, MR Murphy, A Wimsatt

C-L Wu, M Tia

DR Hiltunen, R Roque

JA Crovetti, MR Tirado-Crovetti

S Nazarian, S Reddy, M Baker

W Uddin, WR Hudson

RW May, HL Von Quintus

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