STP Published: 1992

Particulate Debris from Medical Implants: Mechanisms of Formation and Biological Consequences

Editor(s): Kenneth R. St. John

One of the causes or results (or both) of medical implant failure is the release of particulate material debris from the device because of wear, physical deterioration, or chemical attack by the harsh physiological environment. STP 1144 examines tissue response to particles of implant material in order to identify factors, such as materials selection, surgical protocol, implant design, or postoperative prophylactic drug treatment, that might limit debris generation or moderate the tissue response.

19 peer-reviewed papers written by principal researchers in the field are divided into two sections: clinical experience with the generation of material debris from implants; and in vitro and in vivo models for the clinical situation and methods for generating and characterizing wear debris particles that may be used in laboratory models. For medical implant designers/orthopaedics, orthopaedic surgeons, medial libraries, and biomaterials researchers.

Table of Contents

KR St. John

IC Clarke, P Campbell, N Kossovsky

SB Goodman, VL Fornasier

P Campbell, S Nasser, N Kossovsky, HC Amstutz

JJ Jacobs, RM Urban, F Schajowicz, J Gavrilovic, JO Galante

M Jasty, WJ Maloney, WH Harris, JO Galante, JJ Callaghan

N Kossovsky, K Liao, A Gelman, PA Campbell, HC Amstutz, GAM Finerman, S Nasser, BJ Thomas

BN Stulberg, M Schickendantz, K Merritt, TW Bauer

BN Stulberg, RJ de Swart, SI Reger, K Easley

JH Boss, I Shajrawi, M Soudry, DG Mendes

SB Goodman, RC Chin, SS Chiou, JS Lee

JM Cuckler, J Mitchell, DG Baker, P Ducheyne, V Imonitie, HR Schumacher

MD Lazarus, JM Cuckler, J Mitchell, HR Schumacher, DG Baker, P Ducheyne, V Imonitie

SR Goldring, NE Bennett, MJ Jasty, J-T Wang

J Emmanual, JG Emmanual, AK Hedley

N Kossovsky, D Feng, D Millett, PA Campbell

P Kovacs, JA Davidson, K Daigle

GH Buchhorn, H-G Willert, M Semlitsch, R Schoen, S Steinemann, M Schmidt

ND Macon, JE Lemons, KMW Niemann

PE Greis, HI Georgescu, FH Fu, CH Evans

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