STP Published: 1992

Computerization and Networking of Materials Databases: Third Volume

Editor(s): Thomas I. Barry, Keith W. Reynard

Materials information is a commercial resource comparable with the finance, plant and the workforce, and it needs management to be used efficiently. The nomenclature and data required to characterize materials and their properties are complex, which makes the need for standards for the exchange and use of data particularly pressing.

Table of Contents

K Hossain, T Barry

JH Westbrook, W Grattidge

W Grattidge, WB Lund, JH Westbrook

JG Kaufman

TI Barry, MH Rand

H Breuer, GD Dean

F Cverna, TL Gall, ME Heller

J Rumble

DR Vinard, C Pelleing, M Dereims

JG Kaufman

P Sargent, E Subrahmanian, M Downs, R Greene, D Rishel

RA Newley

RJ Bamkin, SCF MacRae

DB Anderson

K Komai, K Minoshima, M Koyama

EF Begley, RG Munro

MJ Vancoille, HM Smets, WF Bogaerts, HC Arents

WA Lees, PJ Selby

Z Qu, C Li, G Wang, R Zhu

D Cebon, MF Ashby

R Brooks, DG Elliman, TB Chia

DF Ilten

FG Mösl

VB Lawrence, RG Forman

SP Andrew, ED Eason, SB Warmbrodt

CM Jeffery, CK Bullough

KW Reynard

N Swindells, G Heine

JE Martini-Vvedensky

CH Newton, PM Brady, DL Volk

A Demaid, S Ogden, J Zucker

J Hagström, R Sandström

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