STP Published: 1992

Stabilization and Solidification of Hazardous, Radioactive, and Mixed Wastes: 2nd Volume

Editor(s): T. Michael Gilliam, Carlton C. Wiles

39 papers by researchers working with stabilization and solidification technologies from both the low-level radioactive and chemically hazardous waste communities are presented in sections on:

• Regulatory and Technical Guidance

• Specialty Wastes: Organics, Ashes, and Resins

• Laboratory-Scale Leachability Studies

• Laboratory-Scale Process Development

• Test Method Development

• Large-Scale Evaluation or Demonstration

Table of Contents

RL Bangart, M Tokar

JJ Barich, BJ Mason

CC Wiles, E Barth

R Soundararajan

RE Brown, BS Jindal, JD Bulzan

RD Spence, TM Gilliam, IL Morgan, SC Osborne

NJ Sell, MA Revall, W Bentley, TH McIntosh

AS Aloy, AS Vishnevskii, TI Kolycheva, BS Kuznetsov, EA Shashukov

D Assmann, B-G Brodda

PL Bishop, TC Keener, DC Dusing, R Gong, C-L Li

NE Kinner, DB Durling, WB Lyons, DL Gress, MR Collins

IL Morgan, WD Bostick

GJ de Groot, HA van der Sloot

F Medici, C Merli, G Scoccia, R Volpe

G De Angelis, A Marchetti, S Balzamo

LW Jones, RM Bricka, MJ Cullinane

J-O Lee, K-W Han, LP Buckley

E Zamorani, G Serrini

M Buil, E Revertegat, J Oliver

KJ Perry, NE Prange, WF Garvey

A Donato, GA Ricci

GM Dolinar, RWD Killey, KE Philipose

H-S Shin, J-O Kim, J-K Koo, E-B Shin

H-Y Kim, K-H Kim, H-H Park, I-S Suh

TE Myers, ME Zappi

K Brodersen, O Hjelmar, S Mortensen

J-H Kim, H-Y Kim, H-H Park, I-S Suh

DJ Lee, A Fenton

J Isenburg, M Moore

TS Bajpayee, RJ Mainiero

MJ Cullinane, LW Jones

GD Del Cul, TM Gilliam

EF Barth

BP Spalding, TA Fontaine

JH Kleppe, MT Otten, JT Finn

RG Lukas, C Schexnayder

RD Rogers, JW McConnell, JD Jastrow, DS Wickliff

JL Means, JC Heath, WJ McLaughlin

JC Nominé, A Billon

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DOI: 10.1520/STP1123-EB
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