STP Published: 1991

Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Fifth Volume

Editor(s): Joel M. Stoltzfus, Kenneth McIlroy

Important resource on the proper, safe use of materials in oxygen-enriched environments. 34 papers provide a previously unavailable reference of oxygen-system design concepts and practices. A keynote paper by Dr. Irvin Glassman disucsses the combustion fundamentals of low-volatility materials in oxygen-enriched environments. 6 sections follow:

• Development and Evaluation of Test Methods

• Ignition and Combustion of Nonmetals

• Ignition and Combustion of Metals

• Analysis of Ignition Mechanisms

• Material Selection

• Miscellaneous

For oxygen manufacturers and users, oxygen system designers, safety officers propulsion system designers and operators, anesthesiologists and oxygen therapists, and scuba equipment users.

Table of Contents

J Stoltzfus, K McIlroy

I Glassman

J Sanders, JL Currie

RM Tapphorn, R Shelley, F Benz

D Janoff, MD Pedley, LJ Bamford

R Lowrie, H Garcia, RL Henningson

L deQuay, PE Scheuermann

JD McColskey, RP Reed, NJ Simon, JW Bransford

AL de Richemond

GW Sidebotham, GL Wolf, J Stern, R Aftel

DB Hirsch, RL Bunker, D Janoff

NJ Simon, JD McColskey, RP Reed, CM Gracia-Salcedo

WT Tack, DK McNamara, JM Stoltzfus, S Sircar

RP Reed, CN McCowan, JD McColskey, NJ Simon

S Sircar, JM Stoltzfus, MV Gunaji

R Zawierucha, K McIlroy, RB Mazzarella

K McIlroy, R Zawierucha

TA Steinberg, FJ Benz

S Sircar, H Gabel, J Stoltzfus, F Benz

J Stoltzfus, R Lowrie, MV Gunaji

BR Dunbobbin, JG Hansel, BL Werley

L Schoenman, JE Franklin

NJ Simon, RP Reed

RP Reed, NJ Simon, JR Berger, JD McColskey

IH Leslie

L deQuay, PE Scheuermann

CJ Bryan, JM Stoltzfus, MV Gunaji

BK Nguyen, BT Pham

J-M de Monicault, P Garceau, G Vagnard

G Vagnard, G Delode, H Barthélémy

H Barthélémy, G Delode, G Vagnard

CJ Bryan, WR Carman, TA Schehl, LD Underhill

K Boddenberg, J Waldmann

LM Starr

L Schoenman, RL Sabiers, MC McIlwain

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