STP Published: 1991

Monitoring Water in the 1990's: Meeting New Challenges

Editor(s): Jack R. Hall, G. Douglas Glysson

11 chapters:

• General Specifications, Technical Resources, and Statistical Methods

• Sampling of Water and Water-Formed Deposits, and Surveillance of Water

• Methods of Radiochemical Analysis

• Inorganic Constituents in Water

• Methods for Analysis for Organic substances in Water

• Sediments

• Membranes and Ion Exchange Materials

• Saline Water and Water for Subsurface Injection

• Standards for Water Power Generation and Processes

• Water Microbiology

• Identification of Waterborne Oils.

Table of Contents

D Glysson, JR Hall

GV Cox

PW Britton

WM Shackelford, DM Cline, MG Holland

VC Smith

TO Passell, RB Dooley

DM Sopocy, JA Montanus, O Jonas, JK Rice, A Agogino, B Dooley, SM Divakaruni

VJ McGaffic, WN Bishop

BE Opitz, KW Owens, VW Hall

RS Seymour, JE Cox

AD Banavali, DD Stagg, DE McCurdy, JT Harvey

AL Alford-Stevens, GD McKee

SJ Koorse

HH Ng, BN White, MJF Busatto, MG Shovlin, DW Heumann

GN Spokes, J Bradley

M Martin-Goldberg, JH Raymer, RD Voyksner, ED Pellizzari

DA Laude, JD Hogan

NG Johansen, RS Hutte, MF Legier

JF Pankow, SA Rounds

TM Spittler

IAL Rhodes, RW Claybon, HL Wisniewski, AL Calkin, JA Leon, RW Hewitt

GD Glysson, JV Skinner

AJ Horowitz

CR Wagner

RP Allison

FX McGarvey

CM Hudgins

JK Rice

FL Slejko

PA Hartman

R De Leon, MD Sobsey

JB Rose

MA Levin

RM Atlas, AK Bej, S McCarty, J DiCesare, L Haff

JL Beebe, JK Kelley, RL Crooks, RL Cada

BJ Brazos, JT O'Connor

MW LeChevallier, WD Norton, RG Lee

SA McFarlane, GB Roberts

LJ Wymer

DR Dahling, BA Wright, FP Williams

PC Loh, RS Fujioka, LS Lau

BJ Dutka

MS Hendrick, JR Jadamec

HT Mayfield, MV Henley

KJ Siddiqui, RL Lidberg, D Eastwood, G Gibson

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