STP Published: 1989

Aquatic Toxicology and Environmental Fate: Eleventh Volume

Editor(s): Glenn W. Suter II, Michael A. Lewis

STP 1007 marks the beginning of the second decade of aquatic toxicology as a mature science. Papers address: Large scale cumulative effects of multiple pollution sources on regional communities and populations; effects of spills, storm runoff, and other non routine exposures with complex temporal dynamics; effects of variation in organism condition on susceptibility; predicting effects of new chemicals whose mode of action is unknown; cumulative effects of pollution, harvesting, modifications of the physical environment, and natural stochastic processes; and balancing risks and benefits of different levels of testing, monitoring, and waste treatment.

Table of Contents

GW Suter, MA Lewis

JG Sanders, GR Abbe

WJ Adams, WJ Renaudette, JD Doi, MG Stepro, MW Tucker, RA Kimerle, BB Franklin, JV Nabholz

RM Ventullo, MA Lewis, RJ Larson

RR Fulthorpe, NA Straus, RC Wyndham

UM Cowgill

WR Munns, JF Paul

DA Graves, JW Foltz, JJ Colcolough, PM Horton

JA Nocito, HA Walker, JF Paul, CA Menzie

J Doi, DR Grothe

WL Goodfellow, WL McCulloch, JA Botts, AG McDearmon, DF Bishop

SC Schimmel, GB Thursby, MA Heber, MJ Chammas

JR Pratt, J Mitchell, R Ayers, J Cairns

BJ Finlayson, DC Wilson

A Westerman

D Gruber, J Diamond, D Johnson

JB Frithsen, C Oviatt, D Nacci, CJ Strobel, R Walsh

HC Freeman, GB Sangalang, L Sperry

CE Stephan

MT Barbour, CG Graves, WL McCulloch

LW Barnthouse, GW Suter, AE Rosen

JF Bromaghin, RM Engeman

MH Roberts

D Groggel, R Schaefer, J Skillings

CA Staples, JL Sebaugh

WG Landis, NA Chester, MV Haley, DW Johnson, WT Muse, RM Tauber

FB Taub, AC Kindig, LL Conquest, JP Meador

K Enslein, TM Tuzzeo, BW Blake, JB Hart, WG Landis

TW Schultz, M Cajina-Quezada, M Chang, DT Lin, R Jain

KLE Kaiser, KM Gough

GW Holcombe, GL Phipps, GD Veith

GJ Niemi, GD Veith

RL Lipnick

DW Roberts

JD Walker, RH Brink

GF Riedel

GA Blondin, LM Knobeloch, HW Read, JM Harkin

RA Voyer, JC Sinnett, G Modica

GR Stehly, WL Hayton

MA Lewis, GW Suter

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Pages: 610
DOI: 10.1520/STP1007-EB
ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5027-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1180-6