Low Impact Paintball

A proposed new ASTM International standard will make it possible for those in the paintball industry to create low-impact games for potential paintball players who might like to try the sport but are initially intimidated by its intensity.

The new proposed standard, WK34588, Practice for Operation of Low Impact Paintball Game Fields, is being developed by Subcommittee F08.24 on Paintball and Equipment, part of ASTM International Committee F08 on Sports Equipment and Facilities.

"WK34588 outlines specific paintball game organization, management and safety protocols that serve to slow down the game and limit shooting proximity, in order to maximize enjoyment for inexperienced players," says Bob McGuire, president, Paintball Training Institute, and a member of F08.

Low impact paintball is designed to give new game participants a taste of the game and to ease the apprehensions of parents who are allowing their children to play for the first time. Paintball game organizers, both commercial and private, will be the primary users of the proposed standard, once it has been approved.

McGuire notes that all interested parties are welcome to join in the ongoing development of WK34588.

CONTACT Technical Information: Bob McGuire, Paintball Training Institute • Bluff City, Tenn. • Phone: 423-538-1100 O ASTM Staff: Christine Sierk • Phone: 610-832-9728 O Upcoming Meeting: May 8-10 • May Committee Week • Phoenix, Ariz.

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