Society (Public) Review

Society (Public) Review of Main Committee Ballot Actions

July 2024

Deadline for Receipt: Must be received before August 1, 2024

The items listed are currently being balloted by the corresponding main committee and are submitted here for review. To request copies of proposed new standards and revisions of standards for review and voting purposes only, please email and provide the following information:

  • Your name

  • Your member number

  • The designation and title of the main committee of interest (e.g., A04 on Iron Castings)

  • The designation of the ballot (e.g., #00-01)

  • The specific item(s) (e.g., Item 22)

After receiving the items you've requested, if you would like to comment or vote negative you may submit additional correspondence to ASTM Headquarters. All comments and negatives submitted by Society members will be considered by the originating subcommittee and main committee.