Industry Collaboration for Smart Manufacturing

“Smart manufacturing” refers to production systems at the equipment, factory, and enterprise levels that integrate cyber and physical systems to support innovative production, products, and systems of products

More and stronger interactions are needed across ASTM International technical committees involved in smart manufacturing as technologies and market dynamics change quickly and as external influences make an impact on standards initiatives across multiple fields simultaneously.

Many ASTM International committees support smart manufacturing technologies and applications. ASTM International staff and members from these committees are regularly working to break down silos through a high-caliber Smart Manufacturing Advisory Committee (SMAC). Moreover, the SMAC is creating a more formalized structure of coordination and collaboration to share information and identify new opportunities for new standards, programs, and partnerships.

Already, ASTM International is global leader creating standards and related partnerships that foster growth and innovation of smart manufacturing. This includes digital, sustainable, advanced, and other cutting-edge areas of manufacturing. About 5,300 technical experts and 1,500 companies from 65 countries are involved in creating ASTM International standards that support fields such as:

  • additive manufacturing technologies,
  • pharmaceutical products manufacturing,
  • nanotechnology,
  • packaging,
  • homeland security applications,
  • sustainability,
  • industrial biotechnology,
  • medical and surgical materials and devices,
  • driverless automatic guided industrial vehicles,

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ASTM Leadership in Smart Manufacturing