Reference Radiographs for E310 Tin Bronze Castings + Active Standard

The digital reference images on this DVD consist of a set of digital image files, software to load the desired format, and specific instructions on the loading process. The 22 reference images illustrate four categories of graded discontinuities (1.2.1 (Gas porosity), 1.2.2 (Sand inclusion), (Linear shrinkage), and (Feathery shrinkage)) and two categories of ungraded discontinuities (1.2.4 (Hot tear) and 1.2.5 (Inserts)) and contain an image of a step wedge.

A copy of the current ASTM standard is included with the purchase of these reference radiographs.

Price: $980.00 (Includes Standard)
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Standard: E310
Developed by Committee: E07
Stock # : RRE3185