Volume I - Standard Digital Reference Images for E2669 Titanium Castings + Active Standard

Seventeen digital reference images, previously only available as film reference radiographs (ASTM E1320), are now available from ASTM International.

The images illustrate the types and degrees of discontinuities that may be found in titanium castings. This 3 DVD set consists of the 17 digital files, software to load the desired format, and specific instructions on the loading process.

Disk one includes the install program, and graded series for Centerline Shrinkage and Clustered Gas Holes, each in three thicknesses (1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, and 3/4 inch).

Disk two includes the graded series for Scattered Gas Holes at all three thicknesses as well as graded series of Gas Holes, Less Dense Inclusions and More Dense Inclusions, each illustrated in a single thickness.

Disk three includes graded series of Scattered Shrinkage Cavity for all three thicknesses as well as graded series of Shrinkage Cavity illustrated for 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch material.

The graded series each illustrate eight grades of severity.

A copy of the current ASTM standard is included with the purchase of these reference radiographs.

The images may be installed as 16-bit TIFF files or as DICONDE files and may be installed for negative or positive image polarity. The images may be installed at resolutions to match the effective resolution of various digital detectors in increments of 10 microns.

RRE266902 & Volume II also available. Save money when you buy the two-volume set. System Requirements: PC Windows 7 or later 7-19 GB Hard Drive available 2 GB Memory (RAM + Virtual Memory) available.

Price: $863.00 (Includes Standard)
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Standard: E2669
Developed by Committee: E07
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