ASTM RIMA-I Verification Program

    About the Program

    The Safety Equipment Institute manages this program in partnership with the Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association International (RIMA-I). RIMA-I provides reliable research, information and resources on the use and benefits of reflective insulation, radiant barriers, and interior radiation control coatings (IRCCs).

    Manufacturers can use this voluntary program to identify reflective products that have been tested in accordance with current applicable ASTM code standards for North America.

    Program participants must be members of RIMA-I. Apply to become a member.

    Products are verified in one of the following five categories:

    • reflective insulation
    • radiant barrier
    • interior radiation control coating (IRCC)
    • facer materials
    • radiant barrier sheathing products

    Steps to Product Verification

    Applications and Testing

    • Sign the SEI Verification Participant Agreement
    • Complete the Product Verification Application Form or Product Submission Form for Annual Random Testing
    • Submit product for testing, including:
      • required samples to R & D Services or
      • a recent test report from a RIMA-I approved testing laboratory that is less than 5 years old

    Verification Mark and Annual Reviews

    In order for a company to obtain approval on a category of products, all items within that category must be evaluated and deemed in compliance with current test standards. Technical data sheets and websites with test information are cross-checked for accuracy.

    All verified products will be labeled with an ASTM/RIMA-I verification mark with a unique identification number comprised of country code/member number/product category:

    Product verification is renewed annually using a reduced and random sampling plan. Full verification procedure is repeated every five years.

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