Professional Development Opportunities

    Success in today’s fast-moving business and technical fields relies on constantly acquiring new skills and knowledge. ASTM International membership not only puts you on the cutting edge of global standards development, it also offers one of the richest professional development and learning environments you’ll find anywhere.

    Active participation on ASTM committees can deliver a powerful return in professional growth, helping you develop valuable skills that will build your career and position you for future leadership.

    ASTM is your gateway to tremendous professional development opportunities:

    • 1. Enhance Your Communications Skill
      Good communication skills can motivate, inspire and persuade. Through committee meetings, symposia participation and other ASTM-sponsored events, you can sharpen your public speaking and presentation skills. By helping to write and revise technical standards, you can improve your writing capabilities, crafting complex documents that are used throughout entire industries.
    • 2. Become a Consensus Builder and Problem Solver
      In ASTM technical committees, technical experts with diverse ideas turn conflicting interests into cooperative action. As an ASTM member, you can learn how to embrace opposing views, engage in respectful debate and resolve impasses to create a product that embodies everyone’s input. Through the nuances of our process you can emerge as a skilled negotiator and return to your workplace as a valuable team player.
    • 3. Take on a Leadership Role
      For up-and-coming leaders with a passion for new challenges, ASTM technical committees offer plentiful opportunities to step forward. By accepting a leadership position — whether on a task group, subcommittee or main committee — you will be the one at the front of the room, setting the strategic direction for critical standard initiatives.
    • 4. Hone Your Organizational Talents
      Leadership assignments are also the perfect vehicle for mastering the organizational skills and parliamentary procedures that boost meeting productivity and facilitate teamwork — a valuable asset you can take back to your company. For the hard work they put in, our committee officers gain the respect of their peers and achieve heightened recognition in their industry.
    • 5. Feed Your Intellectual Curiosity
      ASTM membership brings ongoing direct interaction with the major players shaping your industry on a global scale — peers, regulators, consumer advocates and others. With your finger on the pulse of the latest issues and innovations happening in your industry, you’ll gain the intellectual stimulation that will help you tackle challenges and solve problems.
    • 6. Serve as an Ambassador for Your Company
      ASTM members take on the role of de facto ambassadors, representing their companies among key external audiences and acquiring real-time market intelligence. Armed with the power of information, you can contribute to better decision-making throughout your company — from the R&D lab to the manufacturing floor and up to the board room.
      ASTM International connects you to a world of professional development that will build the skills you need to succeed today and into the future. Make the most of everything ASTM membership has to offer.