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ASTM WK77606

Revision of G175-13 Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Ignition Sensitivity and Fault Tolerance of Oxygen Pressure Regulators Used for Medical and Emergency Applications


Item 2: Review Section 8.2.3 Oxygen VIPR to ensure sufficient clarity for testing facilities and VIPR manufacturers. There have been questions regarding the interpretation of how to perform the test for VIPRs and also how to evaluate the pass/fail criteria (specifically related to the determination of the spark/flame time), so including this section would allow the task group to ensure clarity. Item 3: Consider including industrial regulators and VIPRs into the scope of the standard. This was nominated for consideration because the ignition mechanisms and consequences that ASTM G175 addresses for medical regulators and VIPRs are also present for industrial regulators and VIPRs. Furthermore, the draft of ISO 22435 (for industrial VIPRs) that was developed in 2019 and on-hold until in-person meetings can resume, includes a provision to apply ASTM G175 to industrial VIPRs.


Developed by Subcommittee: G04.01

Committee: G04

Staff Manager: Kristy Straiton

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Date Initiated: 07-07-2021

Technical Contact: Gwenael Chiffoleau

Item: 000