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ASTM WK71987

New Guide for Determination of Maximum Capacity of Packagings for Hazardous Materials

1. Scope

2.1 The scope of the Committee shall include the development of standards for transport and distribution packaging and the promotion of research in this field. The committee’s focus includes materials, design, package construction, processes, cushioning methods, testing, and packaged products that are acceptable for storage, handling, stacking, containment and transport.

The committee shall develop standards related to:

2.1.1 The performance of transport containers, pallets and crates.

2.1.2 The performance of packaging materials such as tapes, cushioning, strapping, stretch wrap and labels.

2.1.3 Package distribution and handling

2.1.4 The measurement of the transport packaging and distribution environment.

2.1.5 The reuse, recycling, and disposal of materials related to packaging (sustainability).

2.1.6 Performance testing of hazardous materials (dangerous goods) packaging

2.2 Recognition shall be made of related national and international standards with the encouragement of full participation in those activities. Standards under the jurisdiction of other ASTM committees shall be used when applicable


combination package; composite packaging; receptacle; single packaging; UN Orange Book; 49 CFR 178.603(c); dangerous goods package testing; UN drop testing


This standard provides guidance on measuring the maximum capacity of packagings intended for liquid and solid hazardous materials (dangerous goods) as required by 49 CFR 178.603(c)(1) and 178.810(b)(4). This standard also provides the minimum information that should be documented when measuring the capacity.

The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.


Developed by Subcommittee: D10.22

Committee: D10

Staff Manager: W Scott Orthey

Work Item Status

Date Initiated: 02-18-2020

Technical Contact: Susan Evans

Item: 000