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ASTM WK71343

Revision of E1918-16 Standard Test Method for Measuring Solar Reflectance of Horizontal and Low-Sloped Surfaces in the Field


An E1918A methodology is being proposed as an annex to ASTM E1918 because it offers the advantage of a smaller sample size. ASTM E1918 requires a 4-meter by 4-meter (about 13 feet by 13 feet) sample size (or 4-meter diameter, if the sample is circular). The E1918A methodology sample size is more manageable at 1-meter by 1-meter (or 1-meter diameter if round). The E1918A methodology also appears to be less susceptible shadow error caused by the arm of the measurement device and error caused by the background (i.e., what is surrounding the sample). Several clarifying edits to E1918 are also needed.


Developed by Subcommittee: D08.18

Committee: D08

Staff Manager: Jamie Huffnagle

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Date Initiated: 01-09-2020

Technical Contact: Mischa Egolf

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Ballot: D08.18 (20-01)

Status: Will Reballot Item

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Ballot: D08 (21-01)

Status: Negative Votes Need Resolution

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Ballot: D08 (21-01)

Status: Ballot Item Approved