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ASTM WK66009

Revision of D6694/D6694M-15 Standard Specification for Liquid-Applied Silicone Coating Used in Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing Systems


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The standard uses and references: D 1644 Test Methods for Nonvolatile Content of Varnishes While the an updated and more broadly used version exists in: D2369 - 10(2015)e1 Standard Test Method for Volatile Content of Coatings Both standards are under the same sub-committee D01.21, When the EPA adopted D2369 for use in EPA 24 for VOC, D2369 was updated, was subject to round robins, and has an updated precision and bias, even with videos of the method, and has been updated about every 3 years. It is much more broadly referenced. As of 2005 at least D1644 didnt even have a P&B statement. D1644 is looser such that values from D2369 can be obtained with D1644 but not the other way around. D1644 is simply a reported value in Table I of D6694, this change will not impact acceptance or be cause for rejection to this standard as there is no specification. The key argument here is that D6694 is a coating subject to VOC regulations and that is an important feature in its broad acceptance. VOC testing uses D2369 as will most QC labs, why run a solids by weight test twice? Why use the less precise one.? If D2369 replaces D1644 it can be used along with D2697, already in the standard, and a VOC can be calculated with the addition of ASTM D 1475 test if desired. This ballot is not adding a VOC test method or adding an additional test.It simply tries to streamline testing and approvals by using the most relevant test method instead of a redundant one that is not certain to be retained in the long run


Developed by Subcommittee: D08.06

Committee: D08

Staff Manager: Frank McConnell

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Date Initiated: 11-27-2018

Technical Contact: Steve Heinje

Item: 016

Ballot: D08 (20-02)

Status: Will Reballot Item