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ASTM WK62297

New Specification for Procedures for Safe LNG Transfer from Higher Pressure Tank to Lower Pressure Tank

1. Scope

This standard covers the minimum requirements for the safe transfer of LNG for marine fuel where there is a pressure difference between the delivering and receiving tanks. The intent of the standard is to provide best practice safety and risk mitigation information to operators and stakeholders when conducting transfer of LNG from a tank in which the saturated temperature and / or pressure of the LNG is greater than the tank into which it is to be transferred. This standard provides LNG transfer criteria and procedures to identify the possibility of excess vapor generation that could result in tank overpressure and LNG vapor release to atmosphere, damage to containment and transfer systems and procedures to prevent it. The standard addresses the specification and condition of the LNG to be transferred, the type, operating limits and technical specification of the delivering and receiving tanks and complete LNG transfer system and the calculation methodology to determine the extent of the potential hazard. Application of the standard will provide decision support information for operators to determine limiting parameters and safety measures that ensure LNG marine fuel transfer is conducted safely. This Standard applies to all modes of marine transfer of LNG fuel, including transfers between vessels, shore based facilities and mobile facilities (truck, rail, portable tank).


COTP; Captain of the Port; FTS; Facility to Ship; LNG; liquefied natural gas; CFR; Code of Federal Regulations; ISO; International Organization of Standardization; MARVS; Maximum Allowable Relief Valve Setting;:MAWP; Maximum Allowable Working Pressure; MSDS; Material Safety Data Sheet; PRV; pressure relief valve;:SDS; Safety Data Sheet; STS; Ship to Ship Transfer; SVP; Saturated vapor pressure; TTS; Truck to Ship;


To minimize the possibility of overpressure and LNG vapor release during LNG marine fuel transfer operations, this standard provides guidance for operators to increase awareness, establish parameters and implement safety measures and transfer limitations to reduce the potential for tank pressure differential resulting in adverse consequences.

The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.


Developed by Subcommittee: F25.11

Committee: F25

Staff Manager: David Lee

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Date Initiated: 02-08-2018

Technical Contact: Regina Farr

Item: 000