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ASTM WK62297

New Specification for Procedures for Safe LNG Transfer from Higher Pressure Tank to Lower Pressure Tank

1. Scope

To develop standard specifications, test methods, terminology, practices, and guides for the design, construction, operation and repair of marine vessels, structures, systems, equipment and materials. The Committee also is responsible for developing standard specifications, guides, terminology and practices for marine environmental matters. The Committee will coordinate its efforts with other ASTM Committees and outside organizations having mutual interests.
Area of Interest - The principal areas of interest include improved quality, reduced risk, marine environmental protection and reduced cost in the shipbuilding, ship operation and marine industry through the development of a body of ASTM standards. In pursuit of this objective, existing standards shall be recognized and referenced as appropriate, and every effort shall be made to complement rather than to duplicate or conflict with regulatory agency requirements. Throughout these bylaws the term "ship" shall be interpreted as including all marine vessels.


COTP; Captain of the Port; FTS; Facility to Ship; LNG; liquefied natural gas; CFR; Code of Federal Regulations; ISO; International Organization of Standardization; MARVS; Maximum Allowable Relief Valve Setting;:MAWP; Maximum Allowable Working Pressure; MSDS; Material Safety Data Sheet; PRV; pressure relief valve;:SDS; Safety Data Sheet; STS; Ship to Ship Transfer; SVP; Saturated vapor pressure; TTS; Truck to Ship;


To minimize the possibility of overpressure and LNG vapor release during LNG marine fuel transfer operations, this standard provides guidance for operators to increase awareness, establish parameters and implement safety measures and transfer limitations to reduce the potential for tank pressure differential resulting in adverse consequences.

The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.


Developed by Subcommittee: F25.11

Committee: F25

Staff Manager: David Lee

Work Item Status

Date Initiated: 02-08-2018

Technical Contact: Regina Farr

Item: 000