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ASTM WK58941

New Test Method for Evaluating Aerial Drone Maneuvering and Payload Functionality in Confined Lanes and Scenarios: Perch, Wall, Ground, Alley, and Post Tasks

1. Scope

The purpose of this test method is to specify the apparatuses, procedures, and performance metrics necessary to quantitatively evaluate the drone capability and remote pilot proficiency involved in maneuvering through confined and indoor spaces (including dark and GPS-denied) to perform room-to-room searches and close proximity inspections of objects of interest. This test method applies to aerial systems operated remotely from a standoff distance appropriate for the intended mission. The system includes a remote operator in control of all functionality and any assistive features or autonomous behaviors that improve the effectiveness or efficiency of the overall system. This test method may be performed anywhere the specified apparatuses and environmental conditions can be implemented as described. Results should be considered within the context of related test methods when comprehensively evaluating system capabilities.


small unmanned aircraft systems, UAS, sUAS, radio communications, bandwidth, latency


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The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.


Developed by Subcommittee: E54.09

Committee: E54

Staff Manager: Kevin Shanahan

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Date Initiated: 05-07-2017

Technical Contact: Adam Jacoff

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