Work Item
ASTM WK21775

Revision of D6626-01 Standard Specification for Graded Trinidad Lake Modified Asphalt Binder


1) Required verbiage on SI units in Scope. 2) Per 12/05 D04 Policy Statement, required verbiage on notes and footnotes in Scope. (May not need for this std. Dan, is this really being implemented? I cant find any example stds where this has actually been added.) 3) AASHTO PP5 is no longer available and not in use. References should be deleted. 4) Scope statement on average seven-day max pavement temp is no longer correct since LTPPBind switched to a damage accumulation model.


Developed by Subcommittee: D04.40

Committee: D04

Staff Manager: Ashley Wiand

Work Item Status

Date Initiated: 11-03-2008

Technical Contact: Deonarine Sarabjit

Item: 001

Ballot: D04.40 (08-05)

Status: Item Going To Next Ballot Level

Item: 031

Ballot: D04 (09-01)

Status: Ballot Item Approved